The Bracelet

  As we arrived at the Katuuso project several band members had already congregated by the entrance gate. Dressed smartly in their orange and black uniforms, they launched into a series of tunes as they led the way for us to follow them as they played. A group of younger children stood in two straight… Read More

The Children of Katuuso: Singing in the Face of Poverty with Compassion

  I sat in awe as dozens of boda-bodas passed our minibus on the Kampalan road, splitting around us unceasingly and continuing on their journey as smoothly as a river flowing downstream around a rock. This multitude of motorbikes passing by were given their nick-name from the days they were used to transport belongings from border… Read More

A Brief Introduction to Child Sponsorship with Compassion UK

  Only three days left until Cait and I board our plane to Uganda and not a shred of packing has been done as yet by either of us. As a result, I have decided to procrastinate further by writing a post to better introduce you to Compassion UK’s work. Yesterday I gave a quick… Read More

“You’re going to Uganda for what with whom?” Here’s the story…

      This weekend has been absolutely crazy with busyness as Cait and I prepare for this week’s trip to Uganda. Regular readers will recall that this is our third attempt at taking this trip due to last year’s tragic turn of events for our family. This week has been one big shopfest where we’ve… Read More

Changing Lives with Compassion: Uganda, Here we Come!

  It was eight years ago that I found myself lying on a hospital bed, reeling with the shock of being told that yet another pregnancy had ended just weeks after it had begun. ‘Come back next week,’ the sonographer told me. ‘We’ll scan again to make sure everything is clear.’ It seemed such a… Read More