“You’re going to Uganda for what with whom?” Here’s the story…




This weekend has been absolutely crazy with busyness as Cait and I prepare for this week’s trip to Uganda. Regular readers will recall that this is our third attempt at taking this trip due to last year’s tragic turn of events for our family. This week has been one big shopfest where we’ve been trying to get the final bits and pieces ready for our journey to Africa. I think we are just about ready to begin packing now all in good time for Thursday’s flight over.

Why Uganda, you ask?

Because of Compassion. 

Back in 2008, following yet another miscarriage, Mike and I decided to sponsor a child that needed help. It wasn’t the easiest of times for us financially, but we knew we could commit to making a difference to one child that needed it. The first child was sponsored through World Vision and very soon after we decided to sponsor a second child as well, this time through Compassion UK. Click here to read that post from nine years ago. 

I didn’t know very much about child sponsorship at the time, all I knew was that in this great world, there were many children far less fortunate than our own.

I didn’t want to be a voice that spoke of wanting to make a difference yet continued to sit and do nothing.

I wanted to do something.

So child sponsorship seemed the right choice to make for someone who wanted to help but did not quite know how.

In the nine years since sponsoring Opisia, we have watched her blossom from an 8-year-old girl into a young lady. We have read her letters that tell us what she has been learning, writes of her hopes, speaks of her dreams for her future and as she did when her father was tragically killed, shares her sadness.

Since only her second letter to us as an 8-year-old girl she has asked when we will go to see her. Her first letter was a simpy “Thank you! Thank you!”

I never realised how significant our sponsorship would be.

I did not realise just how little it would take from us to make a big difference to them.

And when I say a big difference, I mean a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Opisia turns 17 next month and Cait and I will be travelling over with Compassion UK to find out first-hand how the charity works and how child sponsorship really changes lives.

And we’ll be visiting Opisia at her own home to find out how our support over the last nine years has made a difference to her.

We will be taking you on this trip with us so we can show you how our sponsorship over the last (almost) decade has benefitted our own sponsor child. We will also be discovering the various ways that Compassion breaks the cycle of poverty, both for children currently within their projects and for those who are now adults, for whom life is very different to the one they would otherwise have had, had it not been for someone far away wanting to give a child a chance.

Want to know more? I’ve written a post answering some of the main questions that you can read over here. And if you fancy sponsoring a child right now, please don’t wait for us to begin our trip – just do it (and we’d love for you to let us know if you do!)!

Follow our trip here on www.largerfamilylife.com as well as on Twitter with the handle @LargerFamily, on Facebook right here and over on Instagram too. We’ll also be adding videos to our YouTube channel here. And please do make sure you share, share, share and help us spread the word so we can get as many children sponsored as possible.

Let’s do this!



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