Creating Art With a Difference with Chalkola



It’s a general rule that all kids love to be creative. They love making, cutting, sticking, drawing, painting and building. It keeps their imaginations wild and free. Creativity knows no boundaries.

They also love to make their own gifts.

Or at least, my kids do.

Usually by delving into my newly-bought ream of computer paper. It usually isn’t until the time I need to print something urgent off and go to the cupboard to refill the printer that I realise that there is no paper left.

Chalkola chalk pens and metallic markers protect your paper stash. It won’t, necessarily, keep your glassware safe…


chalkola 2


With a range of ten vibrant chalk pens and six metallic markers to choose from, the kids can really let themselves loose on plates, glasses, windows, cars… pretty much any non-porous surface goes really. Do be aware that any designs created on porous surfaces will leave ghosting behind so make sure you do a test patch on a surface just in case.

As you can see, Cait in particular took great pride in her own creation right here…


chalkola 3


Umm… yes.

Anyway, the Chalkola range washes off again easily too  as long as the surface is non-porous, that is, so there’s no need to worry if the children have left their creative marks on something you had rather they didn’t.

Chalkola is available in the UK, Germany and the USA and you can order them directly from the Chalkola website here or from Amazon (with free next day delivery for Prime customers).

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