Exploring opportunities in the part-time motor trade industry

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The UK motor trade industry is worth billions of pounds annually and is one of the largest employers across the country. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and progress up the ladder whilst enjoying your work and fuelling your passion for vehicles. This makes it a great industry to be in whether you are looking for a full-time contract or something part-time.

Let’s take a look at different part-time opportunities within the automotive industry as well as some tips to get you started. 

Opportunities in the part-time motor trade

When you think about the motor industry, you may think of car salesmen. Whilst this is a great career to be in, the automotive industry is much more varied and exciting than just sales. If you did want to be a salesperson, however, you may find part-time opportunities at your local dealership. 

Part-time work doesn’t mean starting from the bottom, especially if you have qualifications. Manufacturing plants, for example, may be able to offer job shares or part-time work. Here you could work as a manufacturer or developer on new parts. Management is also an option in factories too.

If you want something that fits around an existing job or education, why not work for yourself as a mobile car detailer? Car detailing has become a sought-after service, especially in affluent areas where you could charge higher prices. 

Benefits of part-time work

One of the most obvious benefits of working part-time is that you have guaranteed time to pursue other hobbies or education. You could have roughly 20 hours per week to spend on other things, something that full-timers find hard to fit in.

You may also find that you are less stressed than your 40-hour working counterparts. Less working hours do correlate to lower stress levels. This also means that your mental health may be more intact as well as your physical health. 

Getting started

Getting a foot in the door in the motor industry is the same as most other areas of business. Start by finding reputable companies that are hiring. If they are not a familiar organisation, look at online reviews on sites such as Glassdoor for honest employee reviews. 

If you are thinking about striking out alone, start by investing in quality tools and materials. By having the best, you will be able to attract a high level of customers. Utilise social media to let everyone know you exist as well as advertising offers and discounts if you offer them. 

Part-time motor trade insurance 

Even if you are only working part-time it is important to keep yourself and your customers protected. Part-time motor trade insurance gives you the reduced cost of working less than the average person, but appropriate protection. 

You can get coverage for things such as liability insurance to protect against any claims, premises insurance to keep your tools and premises protected, and road risks insurance to allow you to test drive vehicles.

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