How To Change Your Habits For Your Kids

change your habits


We all have bad habits – just take a moment to think about yours, and you’ll realise that’s absolutely true – but most of the time these bad habits aren’t too disruptive. However, sometimes they can be much worse, and even be bad for your health (mental and physical), and although that’s your choice, when you’ve got kids to think about, it becomes a much wider issue. 

It’s crucial to remember that your habits – good or bad – will have a direct influence on your children, and if you want them to grow up to be happy and healthy and not to have bad habits of their own (at least not ones that are too dangerous and problematic), you’ll need to change your own habits first. With that in mind, read on to find out how you can do it – yes, it will feel hard at first, but it’s not impossible, and it is important. 

Set Some Goals 

Trying to change your bad habits overnight isn’t a great idea, even if it’s something you think you can do. The fact is that these habits are just that – habits – and that means they’re ingrained in your mind and body, and sometimes you might not even realise you’re doing them. So trying to just stop cold turkey is going to cause more problems than it solves in a lot of situations, and that’s why it’s better to take things slowly and set some goals.

Let’s look at smoking, for example, as a lot of parents want to quit that bad habit for their own health and for the sake of their kids. Your ultimate goal might be to stop smoking altogether, but there are small steps you can take to get there, rather than rushing to do it in one big leap (most people fall if they do that). You could cut down your smoking to start with, slowly but surely, and then look for a cheap vape as a substitute, before quitting altogether. Do it your way, but do it slowly with goals to reach, and you’ll be a lot more successful.

Involve Your Kids 

Maybe you want to hide your bad habit from your children, and that does make sense, but they might actually be able to help you quit, so it could be worth discussing things with them if they’re old enough to understand. 

If you want to eat more healthily, for example, you could cook with your kids so they can see what goes into their meals and help you make better choices. Or how about exercising together to get fit and healthy? That can be a lot of fun, and it means you’ll be more motivated to do it. If stress is your issue, try yoga, meditation, or just spending time together – your kids will see they’re helping, and everyone will benefit. 

Think Of The Results 

If nothing else, thinking of the results that will happen when you finally quit whatever bad habit it is that’s causing an issue is a good motivator. Once you’re fitter, healthier, not relying on cigarettes or alcohol so much (or at all), and so on, you’ll become a great role model for your kids and be able to spend a lot more time with them doing fun things. 

On top of that, you’ll also be showing them that although it’s easy to fall into bad habits because everyone’s human, understanding them and realising there’s an issue and then doing something positive about it is always an option – that’s a great lesson for life.






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