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A rite of passage when you turn 17 is starting driving lessons. However, for many different reasons, not everyone completes the course of lessons and passes their test straight away. The average age of a new driver in the UK is actually 26.

If you are an older driver who has just passed your test, your requirements for a car will be different from a teenager. Many will want a car that suits the whole family. Here are some things to consider when looking for a family-friendly first car. 

Safety features

One of the most important parts of driving is keeping yourself and your passengers safe. Being able to feel confident and safe comes with having a car you trust. 

A lot of newer cars come with ADAS (advanced driver-assistance system) features such as blind spot monitoring, cruise control and lane-keeping assistance. Choosing a car with these will help to keep your driving experience relaxed as well as safe. 

Tyres are also an often overlooked safety measure. You will need to consider the type of driving you do when picking tyres. For example, Ford Fiesta tyres can be adjusted to match your level of driving as well as the weather conditions. 

Spacious interior

Families come in all shapes and sizes so you will want a car that can fit everyone comfortably, even when children start to grow. Not only do you need to think about the number of seats, but boot space as well. 

A BMW X7 has an impressive boot space which changes with the number of seats in use. If you choose to have all 7 seats upright, the boot still has an impressive capacity of 326 litres. With all the back seats folded that more than quadruples to 2,120 litres. This makes it perfect for buggies, suitcases and all the other accessories a young family needs when travelling. 


New drivers often have limited budgets after they have paid out for numerous lessons, tests and insurance. Finding an affordable car without having to sacrifice quality or safety is possible, though. 

One car that may not spring to mind immediately is the Dacia Sandero. Not only will they be reasonable to insure, but the models with the flashier specs are still in the affordable range. Older models of this car have previously earned a four-star Euro NCAP rating for safety so you can be certain that your family will be safe.

The Sandero also shared a lot of interior parts with Renault, meaning that the machinery is well-tested and robust – exactly what a busy family needs. 

Fuel economy 

With the world looking to a greener future, it is likely that newer drivers will consider environmental impact as well as cost when it comes to the fuel efficiency of their cars. 

Perhaps one of the more well-known hybrid models is the Toyota Prius. Available in both a plug-in and self-charging model, this car gets 67mpg on average. The engine’s stop-start mechanism helps to conserve energy, keeping the batteries topped up for longer. 

If you wanted something a little flashier, then a BMW 330e is an option. BMW claims that, if you keep the batteries charged and performing well, its car can go for 37 miles on electric energy alone which is impressive. This car doesn’t compromise on acceleration either with a 2.0-litre petrol engine combined with an electric motor. 

Whatever your ideal car as a new driver, there is something on the market for you. Just remember to research thoroughly and take your time before you make a decision.










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