Hosting A Family Easter Event: 10 Fun Ideas



The Easter holidays are almost upon us, and they present a wonderful time to gather friends and family together. If you’re hosting an Easter celebration this year, you’ll want to make it a memorable event full of festive activities. Here are ten fun ideas to help you plan an enjoyable Easter gathering for all ages:

1. Easter Egg Hunt 

Perhaps the most iconic Easter tradition is the egg hunt. Hide plastic eggs or chocolate eggs around your home and garden. For an extra challenge, place the eggs in tricky spots or create clues leading to the eggs. If using plastic eggs, make sure to fill them with small chocolates, coins, or even prize tickets that kids can redeem for bigger prizes. Make sure to have egg hunt baskets or bags for collecting the treasures.

2. Decorate Easter Eggs 

Decorating eggs is a fun craft activity for both kids and adults. Have your guests decorate real hard-boiled eggs or artificial plastic eggs. Provide dye kits, paints, stickers, glitter, and other embellishments so they can customise their eggs. Display the finished eggs in an egg carton or egg tree.

3. Easter Bonnet Parade 

Host an Easter Bonnet parade and contest. Supply materials like construction paper, feathers, flowers, pipe cleaners, and ribbons for guests to design their own bonnets. Have everyone model their creations in a runway-style show where you award prizes for categories like most creative, funniest, prettiest, etc.

4. Easter Egg Toss Game

For some active outdoor fun, set up an Easter egg toss game. Use plastic Easter eggs and divide guests into teams. Teams then face each other in lines and take turns tossing the eggs back and forth, taking a step back after each successful catch. If a team member drops an egg, they’re out, and the last team standing wins.

5. Bake Easter Treats 

Get kids involved in the kitchen by baking Easter-themed treats like bunny cupcakes, bird’s nest cookies or Easter egg cake pops. Decorate with sprinkles, icing, coconut “grass”, jellybeans and other sweets. The treats can double as desserts or party favours for guests to take home.

6. Easter Scavenger Hunt 

Send your guests on an exciting scavenger hunt around your party space. Hide Easter-related objects like eggs, bunnies, chicks, baskets, etc. and provide guests with a list of items to find. Give prizes to the hunters who locate the most items the fastest.

7. Easter Colouring

If you prefer to keep things low-key, try one of these suggestions for Easter activities for kids – dot-to-dot worksheets and colouring pages are sure to be popular with younger children. Set up an Easter crafts station at home with colouring books, stickers, stencils and other supplies to keep kids entertained. 

8. Host an Easter Tea Party 

A refined tea party is a charming way to celebrate Easter. Brew pots of tea and serve them with finger sandwiches, scones, desserts, and other dainty nibbles on your best tableware. Decorate with blossoming centrepieces and other spring touches. Encourage guests to wear Easter bonnets or pastel outfits.

9. Easter Egg Pinata 

Fill a paper mâché or cardboard Easter egg pinata with goodies and let the kids take turns whacking it with a bat until the treats burst out. Chocolate, small toys and coins make fun pinata fillings. You can also stuff the pinata with slips of paper containing prize numbers or clues to find the “real” prizes hidden around your party area.

10. Easter Games for Kids 

Set up classic lawn games like sack races, egg and spoon races, and bunny hop races. Play fun indoor games like Easter Basket Bingo (call out Easter items like eggs, bunnies, etc. instead of numbers), or Easter egg bowling. Adapt popular games like Pin the Tail on the Bunny or Easter egg hunt spins. Award sweet treats or novelty prizes to the game winners.

11. Easter Egg Roll Party 

One traditional Easter Monday activity in Scotland is to hold an Easter egg roll where kids push eggs down a hillside or slope with sticks. Pick a park or grassy space with a gentle incline. Give each child a hardboiled egg and a wooden spoon or stick. The goal is for children to start at the top of the hill and gently tap their egg to get it rolling to the bottom without cracking. The child whose egg rolls farthest wins.

An Easter celebration is the perfect chance to make warm memories with loved ones. Use these fun ideas to plan an egg-cellent Easter event that will bring smiles to everyone. The holiday is ultimately about spending quality time together – so don’t stress if things aren’t picture-perfect. Focus on including activities for kids that will appeal most to your guests of honour. However you celebrate, have a very Hoppy Easter!









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