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Your health is a crucial aspect of daily life, making it essential to pay close attention to it. Sometimes, your body may give signals that something isn’t right, and these symptoms could indicate the presence of an underlying illness compromising your health. Although you may be tempted to ignore them, early symptoms can provide a second chance to make better health decisions. Unfortunately, a third of people in the UK ignore health problems that should get them booking a physician appointment, leaving more room for improvement. It all starts with knowing which symptoms you shouldn’t take for granted, including those outlined below. 


Persistent chest pain

Chest pains can be a symptom of critical medical conditions and, if left unchecked, could be fatal. What makes it even more serious is that many vital organs are located in the chest area, making it a sensitive part of your body. For example, the lungs, heart, diaphragm, and trachea are some vital organs in the chest cavity. Mild ailments like the common cold and cough can trigger chest pains, but so can serious conditions like pneumonia and cardiovascular problems. The deciding factor here is persistent chest pains – the kind that never seems to go away even after taking painkillers. It could be a symptom of an impending heart attack or other cardiovascular problems. Medical doctors say that chest pains that radiate to the back, jaw, shoulders, and arms could be signs of an imminent heart attack. The best thing is to call the ambulance or find help to rush you to the closest medical facility. The quicker you seek medical attention for chest pains, the lesser your risk of preventable complications. Early medical intervention can save your life.


Unexplained weight loss

Excessive weight gain is a critical health issue, and for many people, a few significant lifestyle changes can resolve its associated health risks. However, in the bid to lose weight, many opt for the quickest route, such as unapproved fad diets. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always go too well because of other health concerns that can trigger, including unexplained weight loss. It is a red flag if you aren’t doing anything deliberately to lose weight but find yourself shedding the pounds. Unexplained weight loss could be associated with an undiagnosed endocrine problem or a thyroid disorder and can even be an early symptom of certain cancers.

Years of research have also shown that undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes can start with unexplained weight loss until things get out of hand. Women are more at risk because abdominal obesity tends to start early in females. Certain hormonal conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome predispose some women to weight problems, triggering diabetes. In such cases, finding female doctors with expertise in such conditions will be helpful. In the meantime, regular health appointments can lessen your risks of such conditions or increase successful treatment outcomes.


Chronic fatigue

It is very normal to feel tired after a hectic day. Fatigue is the body’s natural response to a lack of energy after exerting so much force. However, a few hours of rest should get you rejuvenated and refreshed for the next day or scheduled activities. If fatigue persists for longer than usual, you may want to see the doctor. Certain medical problems like anaemia and thyroid disorders present as chronic fatigue and can affect your mental well-being and all aspects of wellness if left unresolved or untreated. The reason people often ignore chronic fatigue as a health symptom is because of the lack of information. It explains why regular hospital appointments and thorough blood examinations can detect or diagnose the problem in its early stages. 

Your body communicates with you using various symptoms, making it important to be in tune with what it says. The above symptoms are among a few ways to determine if you need to see a doctor.







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