9 Things That Will Elevate Your Decor

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If you are tired of your home looking average, dull, just like everyone else’s, and not exactly the stylish and sophisticated space you envisioned it being when you moved in, you will be glad to know there are lots of little touches you can add to elevate your space, and your enjoyment of it too!

  1. Made-to-Measure Curtains – The sophisticated Choice

First on our list are made to measure curtains. Why? Because one-size-fits-all is for hats, not for windows. Custom curtains add an air of ‘I’ve got my life together’ to any room. Plus, they’re perfect for pretending you’re not home when that overly chatty neighbour comes knocking.

  1. Throw Pillows – The More, The Merrier

If you think you have enough throw pillows, you’re wrong. These little puffs of joy can transform a room from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ with minimal effort. Mix patterns, play with textures, and maybe, just maybe, find a pillow that actually feels comfortable.

  1. Plants – Oxygenate Your Aesthetics

Incorporate some green friends into your space. Not only do they purify the air, but they also give the illusion that you can take care of another living thing. If you’re a serial plant murderer, however, consider high-quality fakes. No judgement here.

  1. Books – Not Just For Kindling

A well-stocked bookshelf is a window into your soul. It’s also a fantastic way to show off your eclectic tastes (or to store those books you swear you’ll read someday). Arrange by colour for an Instagram-worthy shelfie.

  1. Art That Speaks (or Shouts)

Blank walls are a canvas for your personality. Find art that screams, whispers, or even sarcastically mutters your style. Whether it’s a vintage poster or a splashy modern piece, let your walls do the talking.

  1. Lighting – Set the Mood

Overhead lighting is so last century. Introduce lamps, fairy lights, or even a chandelier if you’re feeling fancy. Remember, the right lighting can make even that questionable second-hand sofa look chic.

  1. Rugs – Because Floors Deserve Love Too

Rugs are the unassuming heroes of floor decor. They tie a room together, add warmth, and hide those mysterious stains you can’t seem to get rid of. Go big, bold, or textured – your feet will thank you.

  1. A Pop of Colour

If your home is a sea of neutrals, it’s time to add a pop of colour. A vibrant chair, a bold cushion, or even a quirky piece of decor can inject life into a space faster than you can say ‘avocado green’.

  1. Mirrors – For More Than Just Selfies

Mirrors are the multitaskers of the decor world. They make spaces look larger, brighter, and more open. Plus, they’re great for checking out your outfit (or practicing your acceptance speech for an award you’ll never win).

Your home can, as you can see, go from being drab to fab in much less time than you might have envisioned, and even just making a couple of the changes above will give you big results, so just what exactly are you waiting for?









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