Family Travel: The Importance of Choosing the Right Car

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As we move through life, our needs tend to evolve. This applies everywhere, but in the world of motoring, our changing tastes and requirements are particularly relevant. When you’re single, you might be able to enjoy a two-seater sports vehicle. After you’ve settled down with a family, however, you’ll need something a little bit more capacious and practical.

Why Having the Right Car is Important

There are a few qualities we might look for in a family car. Let’s take stock of some of them.

First, we should consider safety. If you’re entrusting the well-being of your loved ones to a piece of technology, then you’ll want to be reasonably sure that it’s trustworthy. Fortunately, family cars have become safer than ever, thanks to a combination of regulation and market forces.

Second, we need plenty of space available in the car’s interior. There should be enough room for all of your passengers (including family pets), as well as luggage. Ideally, your vehicle should be able to handle all the demands of a long road trip. 

We should also think about another important thing: where in the UK you’re buying the car from. You might find that you have to travel to get the best possible deal. For example, if you’re in Yorkshire, there are plenty of car dealers in Leeds to consider.

Which Cars are Best Suited to Families?

As we’ve mentioned, there exists an impressive range of cars designed and marketed with the needs of a family in mind. Let’s assess some of them.

Hyundai Tucson

The Tucson is a mid-sized SUV, now in its fourth generation. The newest model largely transcends the practical, frugal appeal of its predecessors, offering a premium build quality and a range of enviable features.

Skoda Superb Estate

This vehicle is incredibly spacious, with so much room in the back that your passengers might think that they’re being ferried everywhere in a limousine. This comes at the cost of driving experience, and depreciation – but for those with large families, this is a tricky one to beat.

Landrover Discovery

For families that live in the countryside, or who intend to travel there, it’s difficult to beat the Discovery when it comes to all-terrain luxury. You’ll be able to conquer everything from remote rural gravel-paths to an inner-city school run. Just be aware that the large size of the Discovery may restrict your parking options.

Volvo XC90

Volvo’s offering in the SUV category offers room for seven people. There are a range of plug-in hybrid options to consider, and most of them come at very reasonable prices. You’ll spend less on this Swedish manufacturer than you would on premium models from Germany. The depreciation is less, and you’ll spend less on maintenance and fuelling, too.





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