Tackling Weight Loss Hurdles & Why It’s More Than Laziness

weight loss hurdle


There’s a common judgemental call made about those who carry a little extra weight. We assume they are lazy. But contrary to popular belief, carrying some extra weight has got nothing to do with laziness, and the reason why it is so hard to get in shape is certainly not because you prefer to laze around. 

Weight gain and tackling weight loss hurdles do not revolve around banning laziness because being “lazy” is not the cause of your weight issues.

Sometimes, life throws curveballs that make shedding those extra pounds a battle. So, if you are at the start of your weight loss journey, here is one thing you want to keep in mind: Stop blaming yourself. You are not lazy and you do not lack willpower. There are other underlying issues that can make it tough for you to reach your goals. 


Hormonal hurdles

Have you ever found yourself in a relentless snack attack, feeling like you could eat the entire contents of your fridge? Blame it on hormones, the unseen guiding force that orchestrates most functions in your body, including being hungry and feeling full. Hunger and satiety are regulated by hormones. Unfortunately, hormonal imbalances can throw your weight loss efforts off course, making it feel like a never-ending battle against your body. 

Getting your hormones back under control isn’t something that will happen naturally once you manage your weight. It is crucial to be able to manage your weight, and this is why weight loss medications can play a crucial role in controlling hunger and satiety levels. So, this isn’t a case of using medications to take the easy way out. It is about using professional treatments that can make a difference. 


Time crunch

Picture this: A hectic day, looming deadlines, and a growling stomach. What are you going to do? Chances are, with little time ahead, healthy eating takes a backseat. You are likely to reach for convenient options, which may be calorie-rich and low in nutritional value. Processed food or on-the-side snacks may not be the best choice, but they have the advantage of being fast and easy to prepare and eat. 

The point is, when time is short, you are in survival mode because lack of time will cause stress, and you can’t afford to dedicate the time you don’t have to being healthy. Take a step back and look for smart solutions that fit into your busy lifestyle without sacrificing your health. Something as easy as ingredient prep, letting you cut and store all your ingredients so you can whip a meal in a matter of minutes, can be a game-changer. 

Alternatively, you can also consider ordering healthy food options, such as pre-made salads, which can be rich in vitamins and protein too. 

The bottom line: Don’t let lack of time push you into a corner. 


Stress, stress, stress

As explained, lack of time, hectic lifestyle, and the pressure you put on yourself to reach your dream goal, all this is going to become a major source of stress. And guess what? Stress is bad for your weight because it increases cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and will inevitably affect your appetite.

Yet, how can you relax when nothing in life lets you? Here’s a secret: You can make smart choices about the things you choose to stress about. Seeking medications and smart food options can already help clear some crowded stress avenues. 

In conclusion, the challenges of weight loss go beyond the surface-level accusation of being lazy. There’s more than meets the eye and understanding that gives you a fighting chance to reclaim your body.








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