How Are Water Filtration Systems Used in Agriculture?

Water filtration systems are commonly used in agriculture to ensure that the water used for various tasks such as watering crops and livestock is free from contaminants. At Lubron Water Technologies, we regularly supply water filtration systems to farms throughout the UK. We can design a system to suit the exact needs of your operation, helping you to achieve the best results and benefit from lower operating costs. Some of the most common uses for water filtration systems on farms can be found below. 


  • Irrigation. One of the main uses of water filtration systems in agriculture is irrigation. They help to ensure the delivery of high-quality water to crops, removing sediments, debris, and contaminants which can impact the growth of crops, and clog irrigation equipment such as pipes, pumps, and emitters. Filters are installed at various points in the irrigation system to ensure that clean water is delivered to crops efficiently.
  • Chemical application. Water filtration systems can play a key role in helping farmers apply chemicals such as pesticides and fertilisers to crops. Water is often used as a carrier for these chemicals, and a filtration system can ensure that it is free from contaminants that could cause the chemicals to be less effective. Filtration also helps to remove solid particles that could clog nozzles, helping to ensure that the chemicals are distributed evenly.
  • Watering livestock. Water filtration systems are used to provide clean water to livestock, helping to safeguard their health and well-being. Filtration systems remove pathogens, chemicals and sediments that could cause illnesses and affect digestion. They can play a key role in preventing waterborne diseases on farms. Waterborne diseases can quickly spread through a herd, and the consequences can be devastating. Filtration systems remove bacteria, protozoa, and viruses from the water, reducing the risk of disease transmission.


How common are water filtration systems in agriculture?

The use of water filtration systems on farms has become increasingly common in recent years, especially in regions where water quality is a concern. More and more farms have become aware of the importance of water quality and how it can directly impact crop health and the well-being of livestock. The rise in precision agriculture practices has also played a part, with water filtration systems helping to ensure the quality of water used in practices such as drip irrigation and chemical application. 

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