Your Financial Health Is About More Than Bank Balance

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We all want to live in a way that’s more financially healthy. However, the truth is that it can be difficult, or perhaps even impossible to do, without understanding your finances in real terms. While having money in your bank balance is important, it’s about so much more than that. Here, we’re going to look at how you need to understand your financial situation, so that you can better see how to improve it.



First thing’s first. How you spend money has to be planned out. The single best way to do that is to create a household budget. In this budget, you should make sure that you account for all of your essentials, including your groceries, bills, insurance, and any other reliable and mandatory costs. However, you should also assign how much of your budget is going to be for optional purchases and discretionary spending. By setting a certain limit or portion of your budget for that, you can make sure that you have space in it for an equally important kind of expense: future financial planning.


Cash flow

Your budget is an estimation, or a plan, of how your money is going to stretch across all of your outgoings. However, it’s not always the reality of it. For that, you need to understand the net cash flow definition and to track your cash flow. Keeping an eye on how much is actually coming in, versus how much is going out, as well as how much is expected to come in and go out can help you plan beyond your next paycheck alone. You can make sure that if there are big expenses coming down the line, for instance, that you’re able to prepare for it.



Yoru credit is more than just something you can use to get a credit card for a little extra spending. For one, it’s your ability to be able to access extra cash when you need it. When you have more going out in your future cash flow than coming in, credit can help you bridge the gap temporarily, but you also have to make sure that you have a plan to pay it back once, and to start paying it back immediately.



Your financial health is about more than just how you’re doing now, you should be thinking about how much security you have in the future, as well. While keeping some funds in the bank balance or in an emergency fund can offer immediate protection, long-term growth is best achieved by putting your money into the right investments. Whether this means building a real investment portfolio of stocks, bonds and other assets, or contributing towards a pension account for your retirement, you should ensure that you have some degree or percentage of your money going towards your future.

Financial health is attainable for all. You just have to make sure that you’re looking for it in the right places. Hopefully, the tips above can help you do just that.





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