5 Ways to Cope with the Winter Blues When You Don’t Do Winter

winter blues



There is no escaping it, the change of the seasons is upon us once more.

We were spoilt with an Indian summer. Only nine days ago I was at the coast enjoying the final dregs of the summer sunshine, my beloved vest top (I have plenty of them, not just the one), exposing my arms and shoulders to the sun’s warming rays.

Whilst I can appreciate the beautiful hues of autumn, the rusty reds, browns and golds, the shorter days, colder weather and general greyness doesn’t do it for me.

I don’t do winter.

I struggle. 

Much as I’d like to think I could hibernate beneath layers of blankets in my very much adored king-sized bed (a zip and link divan base is the way to go for a big bed without the falling-in-the-middle bit), I’d only get bored and restless, but I admit, by the time March comes along I have had enough.

How to cope with the winter blues

There are a few things I do to help me along through the autumn and winter months. And a few more that I’m considering trying. Here are some go-to winter coping methods I’ll be implementing this year…

Getting outdoors

Okay, the weather isn’t great over winter. We know that. But as long as I’m dressed right for the weather I don’t actually mind getting out in the rain.

Warm and dry is the answer.

So my first challenge is to get kitted up in my waterproofs and get outside as much as I can because we need Vitamin D all through the year.

Vitamin D injections

Vitamin D helps keep our brains sharp and functional, as well as keeping our bones, teeth and muscles strong. It’s known as the sunshine vitamin but with daylight hours at a limit and sunshine well, scarce, we might need a bit of a Vitamin D boost. Vitamin D injections get straight into your blood stream and provide you with an immunity boosting hit. I hate being ill so anything that’ll help ward off winter bugs is worth a shot. Worth a shot. Get it?!

Keep on moving

I do, for the most part, enjoy exercising. I find it therapeutic and good for my mental health, not to mention the obvious physical benefits that exercise brings. However, when I finish in the office for the day after a seemingly long 9-to-5 which feels more like a 5-to-9, the last thing I want to do is get out on the gym floor.

The trick is to get my butt there and on the treadmill. I make a deal with myself to do a 1km run, and then I give myself permission to stop once I’ve completed it. I find that once I’ve started I want to continue and on the days I do stop at 1km, I don’t beat myself up about it. One kilometre is one more than I’d have done if I hadn’t gone at all.

No alcohol

I find winter depressing. The last thing I need is other things to depress me and alcohol is one of those things. Today is 333 days since I quit and I have never felt better.

Good food

I love chocolate and sweet treats. I also love hearty, stodgy food over the winter months. During the warmer months I don’t find it a chore to eat salads and fruit by the plateful but I want something warm and comforting to stave off the cold weather. So I think it’ll be time to pull out the soup maker and make some delicious winter warmers. Broccoli and stilton soup, anyone?










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