How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

prepare your yard

When the winter season finally arrives you want to have a yard that is ready for it. This means you have to make preparations early. 

While the thoughts of your backyard may not be something you want spinning in your head during summer or fall. It is important that you start prepping early so that when winter time comes around you are prepared for it.

Here are some tips for turning your yard into a winter wonderland.


Let It Rain

While you can’t call the rain down you can bring your own by watering your lawn during the latter part of the summer and during the fall season as well. You always want to make sure that you have some kind of system in place to keep the grass nourished with water. 

The more water it gets ahead of the winter season the healthier it will stay during the colder months. Be sure to have a five-star rated sprinkler system in place to make things easier.


Fertilize the Lawn

If you’re ready to fatten things up in the soil, it’s time to throw in some fertilizer. It is a good idea to make sure that your lawn is properly fertilized ahead of the winter season.

Be sure to use just the right amount of fertilizer, as you mow your lawn. Believe it or not when there is too much fertilizer on your lawn your grass can get burned. 

Avoid this burn by making sure that you fully fertilize your lawn ahead of the winter. In spring your lawn will thank you for it.

Also be sure that you are cutting the lawn to the right height as well. If not it can cause pink and gray snow molds to start feasting on your lawn.


Clean Up

If you have fallen leaves anywhere in your yard don’t just walk over them and ignore them, when winter comes around you want to make sure that they have already been moved. 

During winter fallen leaves will act as a covering over your lawn. If you have one of those handy metal fire pits in the yard you will want to keep it clear of the leaves.

These leaves are never a good thing as they will cause your lawn to start drying up and do damage to fire pits.

Keeping these fallen leaves is like a suicide for your lawn. Besides, they won’t look good during the winter as they make things untidy. So, clean up! 

Use the summer and fall to prep your lawn and get it in the best possible condition. 

This way once winter is over you will still have a healthy lawn that is eye-catching and great for your curb appeal. 

After all, if you do plan to sell the home one day you will want potential buyers saying “wow” as soon as they pull up into your driveway. The jaw dropping effect is what will get your property sold quickly.








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