How to Raise A Polite Child


Politeness is important in children and will guide them through many other responsibilities in life. It gives children confidence, the understanding of solving problems, and to help shape them into important members of society. They are going to learn a lot about themselves as they become more aware of politeness, which will guide them through school life. Here are some tips we recommend.

Stomp out bad behaviour

Poor behaviour is a common issue with children, but it doesn’t mean that they can never be changed. It is more of a case of letting your child know what they have done wrong and what can be improved upon for next time.

Bad behaviour can come in the form of picking on others, insulting a person at random, or even a child getting involved in bullying culture at school. It is vital that your child knows what to look for when it comes to acting in poor taste in front of others, and to talk to them about what they have done as well. This doesn’t mean you have to shout at your child for displaying bad behaviour, it means talking things out and understanding why they did what they did.

Talk openly with your child on how to behave

If you show your child how to act in front of others, more often than not they will follow what you say. But you can also talk to them about how they can do this on a regular basis, especially when you aren’t there to police them.

Having frank and open conversations about anything in life, from struggles at school to disagreements among friends, will help open their eyes more to what they should do. It gives children a better understanding of how to approach a lot of everyday things, which in turn will remind them to be kind and polite.

Remember basic manners

There is of course teaching your child how to say their pleases and thank yous, but children should also learn how to pick up other tasks as well. For example, holding the door open for other people as they pass, picking things up on the floor if someone drops them by mistake, or offering to help if someone makes an accidental mess, are all good ways children can learn other manners.

It is very important that children know how to be polite, and it will give children a lot more confidence in helping out around the home, with friends and among family members as well. If in doubt, you can always turn to your child’s school for advice. One of the best private schools in West Sussex recommends that you have open and honest chats with teachers if there are clear behavioural problems in your child.




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