How to Keep Your Child Mentally Stimulated During the School Holidays


Now that it’s the school holidays it does mean your work life and child life are very much in limbo. It’s a lot of juggling to get right, but thankfully there are ways to keep your child stimulated. Here are some top tips from this private girls school in Surrey.

Take them out on trips

Lots of trips can be arranged that aren’t too costly on your budget. Heading to the beach for instance is always a good time and can show your child how much fun they can have near the comfort of their own home. You could make it an educational trip for them, or mix it up by having lots of fun at a play park or a soft play centre. It doesn’t always have to be focused around your child’s learning, especially when they are on their school holidays, but it can be sprinkled with lots of life lessons.

Let them bring their friends over to the home

Playing with friends is a worthy distraction and it can be helpful to have a child that knows they can bring around whoever they enjoy spending time with. You can bring out some board games for them to play if it’s rainy, or suggest baking some cakes together.

Similarly if they are a little bit older and want to decide things for themselves you can give them the freedom to choose whatever they would like to do. It’s their time as well, so give them the choice.

Prepare for all weathers

Children can change their minds so quickly, and with our unpredictable weather it can change circumstances easily. This is where you have to have a plan B – something that can be done if the rain hits or it starts to get really sunny and you want to head outside.

It needs to be something that can be picked up quickly. An example could be if you are at a castle exploring outside, and it starts raining heavily, you can opt to head to a nearby museum that caters to young children.

Make everyday tasks an adventure

Heading to the supermarket might seem a bit dull to you and I, but you can liven up the experience by bringing your child along. It means they have an hour out of the house and they can help you with picking up groceries, or even suggest things they would love to have in the home this week. It could be an opportunity to just talk to your child openly about school life, what they’re looking forward to next year and how their school holidays are going.

So there are many ways you can help your child with their time spent at home this summer, but there is no need to reinvent the wheel. So long as your child has an outlet, they can find many ways to stay preoccupied.







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