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I love doing and trying new things and am a firm believer in enjoying life. 

Be it good food, days out or experiences, I’d much rather spend money on doing something than owning something. 

Whatever the case, I am always on the lookout for saving money where I can, whatever it might be on, because in my opinion, if I can get something for less then why not?

My family has a range of ages and stages to cater for, and what might suit one might not be suitable for another. 

There are countless sites or apps for hunting down the latest deals and offers. Finding offers to suit anyone at any time can take some serious trawling on the internet so finding a service that covers discounts on several things, from activities to meals out to shopping is always a fab find.

One of these is the subscription service tastecard. Want to know more? Read on…

What is tastecard and how does it work?

tastecard is a subscription service that offers discounts and offers across a wide range of products and services. 

Simply take out your membership, download the app and present your tastecard at any participating retailer to get your discount.

For purchasing tickets for cinemas or various other online purchases or bookings, you’ll need to purchase an ecode via the tastecard website or app, which will then be redeemable via the retailer’s own website. 

What can I get discounts on with tastecard?

tastecard gives you discounts at thousands of attractions and restaurants across the UK and Ireland. The card itself can be used limitlessly, seven days a week, although individual retailers may have restrictions on its use so it’s always recommended to check with them first! New brands and attractions are constantly being added to their participating retailers, so there is certain to be something to suit you and your family, no matter where you are. 

Find the partner retailers that accept tastecard on the tastecard app or on the tastecard website here

What are the membership options?

You have a choice of three different membership packages with tastecard. 

  • A thirty day trial for just £1.00. Once the trial ends it renews into an annual subscription of £29.99 – that works out to just £2.50 per month. 
  • A yearly membership of £29.99 per year
  • A monthly membership of £3.99 per month

Things to remember

As with anything in life, certain terms and conditions apply. 

Number one, like I’ve mentioned above, always make sure you do your own research and double check each individual retailer’s terms and conditions of use. There’s nothing worse than planning a fun family meal out only to get there and find out that the retailer doesn’t accept tastecards on a Friday, for example. 

Secondly, when taking up your trial, don’t forget that payment will be automatically taken once the trial period has ended. If you don’t want to continue with your membership do ensure you cancel your payment to it. That is your responsibility. This information is very clear on the website but there are always those that miss the info, so here it is once again just to make sure you’ve seen it. Seen it? Good. Let’s conclude…

All in all, tastecard is a handy little membership that provides some superb discounts on general, day-to-day treats. However, do remember that it’s only a moneysaver if you do days out or visit restaurants/the cinema/get takeaways regularly. If you don’t do these things, then it’s not worth the membership. But if you do, it’s well worth the sign up for the savings you can make. 

Want to know more? Click over to tastecard.co.uk for more information and to start your membership today. 








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