The Benefits of Physical Education in Schools


Physical education in schools will involve a number of activities that test your child’s fitness and energy levels. It’s also a good way to teach children about what skills they can use to improve their personal skills over time, find fun in sports and learn more about themselves. With so many benefits it’s easy to see why they are so supportive of a child’s development and happiness.

In this guide we take a look at the benefits physical education brings to children in schools.

Improves a child’s fitness

One of the main benefits will be that a child’s fitness levels increase as they delve more into physical activities in school. As they will be exploring a lot of different activities, like gymnastics, netball, or hockey, they have the opportunity to try out many different ways of exploring exercise. That also means children get to explore how to have fun while also being of benefit to their bodies.

Ensures your child develops transferable skills

Physical education helps children learn other ways to pick up skills that can also be used in other sports and subjects. They can be advantageous for students looking to explore similar sports or clubs. Football is a very popular sport that teaches children how to work well in teams, as an example. Then, when they move to a sport like rugby, they can use the skills in football to work together in completing different goals.

Teamwork as a skill can be used in plenty of classroom environments, as well as other skills like decision making and problem solving. The more sports your child gets to explore the better their development of all kinds of skills.

Improved mental wellbeing

With many schools like this senior school in Cambridge focusing on pastoral care, there’s a lot in learning about physical education. Fitness-wise it’s of course great, but there are also the benefits it brings to everyone’s mental health. Raised endorphins and serotonin levels occur when you are engaged in physical activity, and it means that children are happier and healthier.

While our physical health is very important to our development, mental health can bring a lot of benefits to our performance in different sports and activities. And it’s a great way of helping children see the good things about regular exercise.

So there are a lot of benefits to taking up physical activity every week. As a compulsory part of most children’s education, it will be important to their overall development, but it helps with lots of other aspects of their development and enjoyment of plenty of areas in their school journey.









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