How to Teach Your Child New Words and Phrases

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As soon as your child is born, you both go on this journey where you help your child through each stage of their development. From sitting up to taking their first steps, these milestones are one’s every parent looks forward to. A child’s first words are always considered to be something special as well. However, not many parents are aware how important a young child’s set of vocabulary truly is. In fact, research has actually shown that the size of a toddler’s vocabulary can be an accurate predictor of their academic success later on in life. Of course, every child develops at different rates, however, it is important parents put in the most effort to ensure their child has every opportunity to learn and grow during this part of their development. Here is some advice from this nursery in Wandsworth on how to teach your child new words and phrases.

Read and explore

Reading is an excellent way to expose your child to new words and phrases in context. By reading books together that are slightly above their current reading level, you can introduce them to vocabulary that they haven’t come across before. As you continue to read together, make a note of words that your child doesn’t know. Encourage curiosity by exploring the meaning of these new words through dictionaries or online resources. You can even visit museums or other educational places where your child can encounter different concepts and be exposed to new terminology.

Explain vocabulary in simple terms

In order for your child to use the new vocabulary that they have come across, they need to understand it. Come up with definitions to the words that your child will understand best. One of the most popular and effective approaches is by explaining the meaning of a word using examples. Once your child has got the hang of it, you can ask them to repeat a time that they also experienced the new word so you’re confident they know the correct way to use it.

Word of the day

If you think your child isn’t very interested in learning new words or doesn’t pick them up so easily, consider doing a word of the day. Select a new word each day to discuss and learn, and encourage your child to try and incorporate it into their conversations. Make it something fun and exciting, using rewards if need be.

Remember to make the process enjoyable. With a little guidance, your child will be well on their way to having a rich vocabulary that will bring them nothing but confidence and success in the future.






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