How to Foster a Love of Reading in Your Child

teaching your child to read



Reading is hugely beneficial for children for a number of reasons, and it will be an essential part of your child’s literacy development. Having a good grasp of this from an early age will ensure that they are ready for all of life’s requirements, and having a good understanding of literacy will guide them through all of their school’s needs.

To foster a love of reading in your child, they should follow a series of learning methods to get them into the groove of trying out all kinds of books and stories. Boarding schools in London will expect their students to have a solid grasp of being able to pick up all kinds of reading material, so starting early will ensure their success. Here are some top tips you could try.

Try all kinds of reading books

The beauty of reading is how many kinds of books you can pick up and explore. From non-fiction stories to the world of fantasy, science fiction and more – your child could really take a shine to particular genres. Picture books, graphic novels and comic books shouldn’t be dismissed either, as they can still give your child a lot of new found ways to develop language. So long as your child continues to read they will find a lot of new skills and word development to enjoy.

Recommend books based on your child’s interests

As there are so many kinds of books out there you will be bound to find stories and books that cater to your child’s specific interests. They can all still teach your child a lesson about themselves, or to help build their awareness of a particular interest. It helps if your child can explore different books that are about their interests as it can highlight new things to them, as well as allowing them to discover other books.

Try out ways of exploring reading in other ways

Reading often goes hand in hand with writing and listening. A child will have to pick up on all of these skills to better appreciate the art of picking up a good book. To help our children we should try out all kinds of games that help their general literacy skills. Spelling games, comprehension exercises based on what they’re learning about in the books, and grammar tests will help your child’s confidence in reading. That often spells a happier child who wants to willingly pick up that book.

Reading should always feel fun, which is why we recommend it to all children. They are learning so many skills from picking up a book each week, and it helps their natural development to take them through school life.









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