Helping Your Child Choose the Right GCSE Subjects



When your child reaches year 9, or is entering the final stages of prep school, your child will now be asked to pick a selection of subjects to advance on into their GCSE era of studies. It’s a good time for children to figure out which areas of study they do enjoy and what they would love to explore further. GCSEs are a key time for children to learn about certain subjects in greater detail, which will lead them towards their final exams in a few years time.

If your child is unsure on what they want to study however, here are some ways you can help your child pick out the right GCSE subjects.

Have a look at what your child is interested in

A good, clear indicator of the best GCSEs to recommend your child take on will be the ones they have a real interest in. If your child is really immersed into the art and design world, they should be pursuing those subjects at GCSE level. Similarly if your child is really not enjoying other subjects, such as History or a second language like French, then it’s the time for them to drop the subject to focus on more important areas to them.

See what your child’s teachers are saying

Most top independent schools are able to give you and/or your child sound advice on which subjects could be the best choices for your child. It’s a good time to hear what their teachers are saying about your child’s progress, and to ensure your child is on the right track.

Parents’ evenings are a good time to look at the best subjects your child could pick up at GCSE level. You can see where your child will be able to easily progress, channelling what could well be their serious passions. It’s also a good opportunity to help your child in other areas – there could be subjects they will have to progress in, like English and Maths, that they need a little more support in.

Help your child think towards the future

The future will rely on what your child takes on at GCSE level. If your child is going to study A Levels, which comes after GCSEs, they will need to pick out the right subjects at this level. They can’t change these once they’ve started the school year!

It can be a tough question for children to figure out at this age, but you can turn to what they do enjoy and what subjects they’re also really good at. Here, you can narrow down a series of subjects that might be the right choices to study.

GCSEs will signify the next step in your child’s studies, which is why it’s very important they explore the right subjects to catapult them into the next phase of education. Helping them pick out these subjects will make the process a lot less stressful, while also reassuring them that they are making the right decisions.









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