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Larger Family Life has invited WonderDays, an experience day company, to tell us why their fully flexible experiences are a perfect fit for larger families. 

Days out and learning new hobbies and skills are the best experience gifts,  as they can help everyone escape the everyday and make memories that last forever.


What is an experience day?

They are a fun, exciting, thrilling, relaxing, informative or engaging activity that people might not normally consider doing in their everyday life. Gift vouchers are purchased either for yourself or for someone else for an occasion such as a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, retirement gifts but to name a few.

The beauty of days like these are that they are significantly more enjoyable and memorable than traditional gifts such as socks, smellies and shavers. Memories made with the best experience gifts are a lot more tangible than any physical gift you can give as you’ll remember these days forever, or a lot longer than the box of chocolates will last! 


Fully flexible!



Many companies that offer this kind of fun think that every family is the classic 2.4, which is just not helpful when you’re looking to buy for larger groups! Flexibility is the key to a successful life with kids and if you don’t have the opportunity to do activities that maybe have one adult and 4 children for example, then these are not the best experience gifts for you and your family!

WonderDays don’t just offer days that can be for up to 6 people but they also have a range of other options that mean they fit in with your needs, not the other way round!

They have a fully automated exchange policy which means you can chance any gift online should you or the recipient not be happy with it. They also have a UK based call center, live chat an email support should you need help for any reason. This is such a refreshing change when you consider how hard it is to speak to a real person these days!


What can I do?


helicopter ride experience day


The range of experiences they offer are so varied that you are able to find a gift for anyone and everyone in your life! They have hot air balloon rides, helicopter flights and track days for the adrenaline junkie, learn to to cook, tasting days and meal offers for the foodie in your life and quad biking, indoor skydiving and zip lines for kiddy fun for just an example of the best experience gifts you can get.

There is such a huge range to choose from that you and your crew, no matter how big or small will find something suitable for you that will help you create great family memories forever.






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