The Benefits of Journalling for Children

journalling for children

Remember that secret book you wrote in as a child? The one that would stay tucked under your pillow or hidden in your sock drawer? You’ll be surprised to know that you may have been practicing journalling without realising. Journaling is one of the most important tools for both adults and children, as it helps to work on academic skills whilst keeping a daily log of thoughts, feelings and activities. It is important to remember that journalling is not the same as keeping a diary. Instead, they are used to track and explore different areas of interest.

It is a great activity for parents to introduce to their young children and grown teens. Here is some advice on the benefits of journalling for children.



Academic success

Given that journalling is such a versatile subject, it can be used to aid different areas of learning. This includes maths, science and humanities. If you notice that your child is having difficulty solving their problems in maths, try and put together a journal that is dedicated purely to it. It can be as simple as and A4 notebook, where they write different facts and formulas that they have learnt. Overtime, they can go back and look at the progress of their work and understand their thought process.


Managing emotions in a healthy way

Naturally, children need to understand and be taught how to regulate their emotions. However, sometimes children find it difficult to confide in other people which results in them bottling up their emotions. Journalling can be a source of comfort in times like these, as it allows a child to express their emotions however they find best, in a safe and confidential space.


Improvement in writing

Journalling provides children with a continuous opportunity to work on communication. This is a great task for those who struggle to express themselves verbally as it gives them time and space to process what they’re thinking and how they would like to say it.








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