How to Monitor Your Child’s Screen Time

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In an age where computer screens, tablets and mobile phones are easily accessible and always on hand, it is difficult to find ways to manage it when it comes to children. However, it is up to parents to establish rules and create habits to ensure children are experiencing an appropriate amount of screen time. As screens are an integral part of education and work, removing them altogether will only cause further issues, meaning it is important to find a middle ground. Here are some top tips for managing your child’s screen time.


Set clear rules and boundaries

Remember, the longer you leave setting rules and boundaries, the more difficult it will be to separate your child from something that is so deep set into their lives. Begin by gradually limiting the amount of time they spend on their screens each day and setting times when screens aren’t allowed to be used in the house. By setting clear expectations and boundaries, your child will know what is expected of them and what consequences will follow if they choose to retaliate. Remember to take the time to explain why there should be less screen time as it may soften the sudden change in routine.


Encourage physical activity and being outdoors

One of the easiest ways to limit screen time is to encourage your child to take part in physical activity and outdoor play. The main reason that children tend to stick to their screens is because they find they have nothing else to complete to past time. Small changes such as enrolling them in sports or an extracurricular activity that they like, will ensure that they get plenty of opportunities to run, play and explore the outdoors.


Model healthy screen habits

It’s unfair to ask your child to limit their screen time if you aren’t doing the same. Children learn by example so make sure you are setting the best. Establishing screen free times for the whole family and completing fun activities such as games night can be a great place to begin.











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