What You Need to Know About Becoming an Ex-Pat in Spain



Are you thinking about packing up and moving to Spain? This is something that many people Brits do and this is for good reason. Spain is an incredibly beautiful country with a lot to offer ex-pats. This post will tell you all that you need to know about why Spain is so popular with British ex-pats and how you can go about planning the big move.


Why Spain?

So, why exactly is Spain so popular with Brits? The most obvious answer is the good weather, which is something that people do not get a huge amount of in the UK! Those that want to lead a lifestyle in a sunny climate with beautiful beaches will find Spain to be the perfect place. In addition to the weather and beaches, you will also find there to be cool and interesting towns and cities to explore with a rich culture and tantalising cuisine. There are areas of Spain that can be affordable to live in and there is a strong ex-pat community, which can make it easier for people to settle. 


Why Are There so Many Brits?

It is surprising just how many ex-pats you will find in Spain and people of all ages. This is because people have been packing up and leaving in large numbers since the 1970s. The coastal areas have been particularly popular with Brits for many years thanks to the cheap flights, package tourism and well-developed infrastructure. It can be easy to get by in Spain without speaking Spanish, especially in the areas where there are a lot of British ex-pats. 


How to Become an Ex-Pat in Spain?

If you have decided to make the change and move to Spain, you will need to apply for the appropriate visa from the Spanish consulates. As such a large move, it is generally recommended that you rent somewhere before buying so that you can get settled without making a major commitment. You will also want to think about what items you want to have shipped over from home and what you can sell/donate/get rid of. Of course, moving your possessions to a new country can be a major cost to add on, so you might want to look into a loan to cover the various costs. You can get approved for a loan even if you have a bad credit rating to get the funds that you need. If you are planning to work in Spain, you will need to apply for the right visa (processing times can vary).


It is easy to see why so many Brits move to Spain when you consider the weather, beaches, food and culture. It can also be an affordable option for many and the preexisting ex-pat culture ensures that it can be easy for people to feel settled before long.







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