5 Health Benefits of Fishing

health benefits of fishing


When it came to writing a post about the health benefits of fishing I admit, I did not quite know where to begin.

I have been an advocate of physical activity for mental health since discovering how beneficial it has been to me personally over the last few years.

I am always intrigued to know how and why certain hobbies have different effects on the brain. To me and my brain, fishing seems quite a boring pastime. If there is one thing I hate, it is being bored. I would much rather be swimming or scuba diving with the fish rather than trying to catch them.

I don’t know that I would have the discipline to stay still and quiet for however long it took until the line moved.

Staying still and quiet is not my forte.

If like me, you are not yet fully convinced enough to place your order for high-quality carp boilies, keep reading for five of my top health benefits of fishing, in no particular order…

What Are the Health Benefits of Fishing?

Nature is a natural therapy

Being in nature has a proven positive effect on mental and physical health. Research undertaken by Cornell University has shown that spending as little as ten and 50 minutes simply sitting or walking in nature improves mood, concentration, heart rate and blood pressure.

Water has meditative effects

Marine Biologist Wallace J Nicholls came up with the Blue Mind book and Ted Talk, the theory that being on, in, near or under water can make you healthier, happier and generally feeling better all round. I for one know that the water is my happy place. Whatever my mood, I head for water. Water is soothing for me to be around particularly when I am stressed or upset. It could be a lake, a river, a pond or, my happiest place, the sea. Being in and around water pleases my mind, my body and my soul. The Blue Mind theory seems plausible to me!

Fishing actually gives you a workout. Yes, really

If you are looking for a low impact but still physical workout for your body, fishing is it. You might not think it but fishing is actually an effective workout. Fishing exercises the back, shoulders, arms, legs and core, without the demands high impact exercises place upon the body.

It increases your body’s Vitamin D

Vitamin D is vital for the body which relies on it for developing strong bones. It is often known as ‘the sunshine vitamin’. Even though our bodies produce Vitamin D, we also need an external source. This source is yes, you guessed it, sunlight. Signs your body lacks Vitamin D include fatigue, muscle weakness, aching bones and poor sleep. Information on getting adequate Vitamin D safely can be found on the NHS website.

It makes you STOP!

I hate being bored. However, maybe I could do with stopping and smelling the roses a while. Every day is packed with this, that and the other. There is always something to do. I think it would actually be beneficial for me to cast a rod into the water, sit back and enjoy the peacefulness of simply being.

Maybe fishing is the answer to good health after all!














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