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London, the capital city of England, sets history with the Romans with well-known historical landmarks and attractions. Being the largest city in the United Kingdom and England and population of about 9 million people, London has become one of the best tourist places in the world. Be it with family, with your partner, or even on a solo trip, London has it all. The city sits on the beautiful Thames river, which is the largest river in England and is not only a source of importing and exporting goods but is also a place for a delightful cruise experience for tourists. There are also various activities in London where tourists can engage themselves for a memorable and thrilling experience. 

Here are some of the most prominent landmarks of London:


  • London Eye: The London Eye, one of the largest observation wheels in the world, has attracted many domestic and international tourists for years. With your London Eye tickets, you can witness the amazing 360-degree panoramic views from the height of about 135 m. There are about 32 capsules in the millennium wheel and each capsule has a capacity of about 25 people. There are various types of pods you can choose (Private Pods, Cupid Pods, Pub Pod etc.) along with champagne and Thames river cruise experiences. London Eye has also been awarded for its exceptional architecture and is the top attraction in London. Do not miss out to witness the amazing fireworks of the London Eye at night during special occasions such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc.

  • Tower Bridge: If you are looking for something unique in London, then you should definitely make a visit to Tower Bridge. The Tower Bridge was opened long back in 1894 and is known for its geo-Gothic design and exceptional architecture today. With its striking design, it has become London’s most iconic landmark for tourists. The Tower Bridge has a high-level glass walkway that connects the North tower and the South Tower along with the Engine room where the bridge is operated. The Tower Bridge opens every time a ship passes through it which makes it a wonderful sight for dometic and international tourists. Book your Tower Bridge tickets and get ready for an amazing walkway experience.

  • Tower Of London: One of the most iconic historical buildings situated on the North banks of the River Thames, the Tower of London has also been a prominent site for decades. Known to be Officially His Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London, it has set a benchmark for being a Norman military architecture and design. The Tower of London was built for the protection of the city London on the river Thames around the White Tower, which has been the strongest structure in its medieval times. The White Tower at the Tower of London has always been the iconic symbol of Britain and London. Do not miss to explore this amazing castle as you will learn a lot about the history of London.

  • Buckingham Palace: Known to be the royal residence of The Queen in the United Kingdom, the Buckingham Palace is one of the most amazing place for the royal and national celebrations. It is located in the city of Westminster, and this palace houses a Queen’s Gallery where tourists can see some of the incredible art collections and drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci. The tourists should not miss to check out the Changing of the Guard ceremony which is held regularly as this ceremony marks the moments where the protection of the city is handed over to the guards. So book your Buckingham Palace tickets now and witness a chance to explore the Queen’s gallery.


  • St. Paul’s Cathedral: Located in the city centre of London and at the highest point at Ludgate hill, the St. Paul’s Cathedral is said to be one of the most famous Cathedral in London and the mother church of London Diocese. This popular attraction was finally built in the 17th century after since it got destroyed 4 times during the war. The Cathedral houses 3 galleries, from Chapels to the crypts and graves and memories. The Cathedral also boasts the highest dome in the world and it impresses the tourists with its rich historical background and exceptional architecture and design.








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