How to Raise a Respectful Child


Respect is an important part of making friends and socialising so is something that your child will need to learn. It can be difficult though as they lack the ability to filter their thoughts. However, it can be taught through manners, having consideration for others, and teaching them to think carefully about their actions and what they have to say. Below is some guidance that was put together by an independent nursery in Upper East Side.


Set a Good Example

To teach your child to be respectful to you and those around them, it’s important that they set a good example. Be mindful of how you treat others in their presence, use manners, avoid hostility, and show consideration towards others. You will be surprised at how much children pick up on.


Treat Your Child with Respect

Respect goes hand in hand. If you want to have a relationship with your child, where they listen and respect you, you must also be willing to do the same. Make time for your child, show that you care and try to see where they are coming from as opposed to dismissing what they have to say. 



As mentioned before, you can help your child to be mindful and respectful of those around them by teaching them to think about others and have empathy. Encourage them to question themselves and how they would feel if they were in their shoes.


How to Deal with Conflict

Sometimes we find ourselves in testing situations where it’s difficult to stay calm and respectful and your child may likely find themselves in the same. They will need to be able to control their emotions and remain calm and a technique that often works for this is mindfulness. It can help them to calm down and offer clarity in stressful situations.









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