Home or Away? Where Will Your Travels Take You in 2023?



Christmas is over and let’s have a hurrah and give ourselves a pat on the back for getting through it.

I usually love Christmas but I did find this year a little tough. It seemed to be a feeling going across the board as I came across many other people saying the same.


Now that the crackers are off the shelves, the January sales have begun and the Easter eggs will soon be making an appearance, it is also time for the travel industry to ramp up its advertising.

Start Rite recently revealed its latest campaign which compared festive holiday destinations abroad to those right here at home in the UK. You can check out the campaign here and through the hashtag #UKHolidaysVSAbroad but take a quick look at their comparisons…



After a couple of years during the Covid pandemic where we had no choice but to stay at home, I have been wondering what your plans are for 2023?

Despite the findings in this campaign, I have personally found that doing anything in the UK costs a helluva lot more than it does anywhere else – especially when you have a family. I often found there to be more free attractions on offer as well as pricing in general being a lot lower during our travels. Have you found the same?

Activities and adventures also seem easier to come across overseas, or it could just be that I simply haven’t looked hard enough to see what is here, right at home? And I’m not just talking about travels with the kids here. As adults we need our own time for our mental wellbeing, and we also need to look after our physical health, so taking on a physical challenge or two is something I am always keen to do. Is there anything in the UK you would recommend?

So, what I would like to know is where will you be going for your travels this year? Will you be staycationing here in the UK or will you be heading abroad? How do the two compare and how much more bang for your buck do you get in comparison.

Readers, it’s over to you.







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