How To Buy And Invest in Cryptocurrency

how to buy cryptocurrency


Crypto investments are efficient when you buy assets at a lower price and make a profit when the price grows. That is the reason why buying cryptocurrency is a good idea at the market bottom – when prices are low, and the mood is pessimistic. Experienced investors use this difficult period to add promising crypto assets to their portfolio and hold them long-term to make a significant profit when the market boosts.

Crypto assets are used for long-term investments and trading. The difference is that you buy and hold coins despite all the price changes, for you know that when the market changes the trend and grows, you will get a huge profit, or you buy assets and trade them dynamically, selling and repurchasing them on a daily basis.

Depending on the strategy you pick, you enter and exit the market several times a day, every 24 hours, a few days or a couple of weeks. You can also utilise a crypto tax calculator to help you keep track of the important stuff as you go. 

To begin with, you need to have some crypto in your wallet. To buy crypto online, you can use many different services, but the most trusted are those working officially. The reason is:

  • high level of your funds’ protection;
  • a variety of trading tools;
  • wide range of crypto pairs to trade;
  • customer support;
  • a reliable storage and wallet.

An example of such services can be the WhiteBIT platform. Let’s see the process of buying cryptocurrency on this exchange.


How to Buy Crypto on WhiteBIT?

This is a crypto exchange of a centralized type. That means it allows you to buy digital assets using a bank card with fiat money. To do it, follow the steps:

  • Register and verify your account
  • Add your bank card
  • Move the needed amount from your bank to the account
  • Enter the trading section and pick an asset you wish to buy
  • Pay the fee
  • Receive coins in a matter of minutes to your account.

Having the WBT token, you receive reduced fees and access to more earning opportunities on the platform. For more information on crypto trading, go to the WhiteBIT blog.









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