How to Maximise the Space in the Box Bedroom

Box rooms often come with a bad rap, but although they are small, there is no reason they can’t also be mighty. Here are just some of the ways you can maximise the space in your box bedroom.

Fitted wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes are a great storage solution for box bedrooms. Installing a built-in wardrobe allows for ample storage that doesn’t take away much space from the rest of the room. These can also be personalised to fit your exact room dimensions, meaning they can be fitted into awkward corners, and they can also maximise floor to ceiling space for maximum storage capacity. Opt for sliding doors on the wardrobe to save even more space. 

Storage bed

Your choice of bed is crucial for a box bedroom. The type of bed you choose will of course be dependent on the dimensions of the room and its primary use. 

If it is a child’s bedroom, go for a high bed that can house a desk, play area, or even a second bed underneath. This is great for really utilising the space. 

If you aren’t keen on a high bed, go for an ottoman bed. Ottoman beds lift up to reveal storage underneath, perfect for small bedrooms. What makes an ottoman bed so good is the easy access to the under-bed storage. Unlike other storage beds, floor space doesn’t have to be sacrificed in order to access whatever you choose to store. 

If your box bedroom is used for guests, consider a day bed. These beds are effective for box rooms as they take up little room but can be converted into double beds when required. This is ideal if you only occasionally need the room for sleeping. 

Utilise wall space

When considering how to best optimise a box bedroom, it is easy to only consider the floor space you have to work with. However, be mindful of the wall space you too. There are lots of space-saving solutions available that can be attached to the wall and then folded away to create more space when needed. A good example of this is a collapsible desk, perfect for children’s homework, that can then be folded away to free up more room. 

Wall space can also be used for decorative purposes. Box rooms don’t need to be soulless just because they are small. Include prints and mirrors to give the space character, just as you would in any other room.

Colour palette 

The colour palette is important whatever the size of your room, but for box rooms, it is particularly key. The colour that you choose can impact how big the room appears. Do some research into which colours work best for smaller bedrooms and go from there. It could even be worth colour blocking to create more clear zones within the room, ideal if you want the room to be multifunctional. 









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