How to Secure Your Property From Geese Attacks


Although a wild goose is an attractive bird, it can do a lot of damage to your property. It can bring filth, destroy the grass, and cause injury to your family members. Geese are cautious birds that don’t like anything new or unfamiliar in their territory. In areas where geese are in abundance, it’s always in your best interest to protect your family members and property.

Keeping geese off your property can be challenging, especially if you live near a pond or have a swimming pool in your yard. However, do not fret! Here are some simple methods for keeping geese permanently off your property. 

Bring a Predator to Your House

You can implement this technique in two ways – the first of which is acting as a predator yourself. 

You should be able to disperse the geese just by running and shouting at them. If you are persistent enough, you could get rid of them, at least briefly.

The second and more effective way is to have a pet dog. Dogs are natural predators of geese, but you can also teach certain breeds to drive geese away from your yard. 

Bear in mind that the dog should only chase them off. It should not be our goal to kill the geese, nor do we want our dog exposed to diseases the geese may carry.

Grow Your Backyard Grass Taller

Keeping your grass at least six inches tall can deter geese from entering your yard. Geese prefer open spaces, so they can easily roam freely and identify predators or threats. Taller grass creates an unsafe environment for them. Expectedly, they don’t want to stay in a place where they feel threatened. 

It is best to let your grass grow at least twenty inches if you have a pond or swimming pool in your backyard. Having tall grass will eliminate any chances of geese entering your property. 

Use Loud Noises To Scare Geese

Loud noises easily scare geese, so chasing after them while shouting can be an effective but short-term solution. A more permanent solution is to use an ultrasonic animal repellent device that emits high-pitched noises. The human ear cannot detect high-frequency noise, so you should have no problem. 

It is an effective method for keeping geese away without causing additional noise to your property. Moreover, it is essential to switch up the sounds, as the geese may eventually become accustomed to the noises.

Use a Goose Repellent Liquid

If you want to keep geese out of your yard, there may be no better way to apply than a liquid goose repellent. These repellent liquids are easy to apply and offer a long-term solution to pesky geese. They contain a substance called Methyl-Anthranilate (MA) that keeps geese away from your property. 

When applied, liquid goose repellent will keep them from feeding, sheltering, mating, and even gathering. The best part is you do not have to worry about it washing away due to rain, and its smell is barely noticeable to humans. 

Fence your Property

Despite their ability to fly and the land over fences, geese generally prefer open fields for walking. It’s possible to limit their walking area by using a fence. There is a good chance it will cause them to seek an alternative space.

Even though building a fence is time-consuming and expensive, it effectively restricts the use of the yard area. Use this tip only if you have no pet dog watching your yard.

Seek Help From a Professional

A professional might be your best option if you have grown tired of the mess the geese make in your garden. 

The person with the knowledge and techniques to keep geese away typically achieves this task promptly. Hiring a professional will definitely cost you, but it’s worth every penny. The service will prevent invasive goose colonies from nesting close to your residence.

Moreover, the professional can provide you with the most appropriate advice that you can follow if you encounter the same issue in the future. 


Final Thoughts

Geese are notorious for causing major property damage. It is essential to learn how to protect your property from geese if you live in an area where geese have a significant presence. The methods outlined in the article effectively protect your house from geese attacks. 

Remember, it is illegal in some countries like Canada to harm or injure geese, so always use humane techniques to stop them. 











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