6 Ways to Get the Family Involved in Garden Games


Are you looking for some ideas to get your family involved in the garden this summer? Gardening as a hobby is great for your mental and physical health, and it doesn’t have to be a grind. 

When you involve the whole family, it can become an exciting and rewarding experience. These games also double as ways to improve your home, making them an excellent way to pass time while doing something productive. Here are six ideas for getting the family involved in garden games.


Plant a Row of Flowers

Get everyone involved in planting flowers. You can grab a packet of seeds and plant them in the same spot each day. Once the seeds germinate, you can transplant them to another garden area. If you have kids that are young enough to help, consider getting some plastic pots with holes in the bottom and lids to keep the dirt from spilling out.


Create Flower Gardens around Beds

Create flower gardens around your vegetable beds, using various plants for colour and variety. Consider using annuals, such as marigolds or zinnias, for summer blooms that will fade away by fall or perennials, such as hostas and sedums, for year-round colour. 

If you don’t have room for flower gardens around beds, consider planting one bed with annual flowers that will die after a season, and then add new beds each year to create a colourful cycle around your garden space.


Design a Garden Path with Blocks

Use blocks to create a stepping stone pathway through your garden space that leads from one area to another of the yard or house – just like stepping stones along an actual path in nature. This is a great way to get kids interested in gardening while they’re young because it doesn’t require much heavy lifting or bending. Keep an eye out for block-headed toddlers who want to go on adventures through your garden instead of following the path.


Create a Garden Hedge with a Variety of Plants

If you don’t have room for an entire hedge, consider planting several varieties of plants in a row or along a pathway through your garden. This is a great way to use up space that’s currently not being used and add colour to your yard with ever-changing seasonal blooms.


Use Inflatable Slides in Your Backyard

When you have a large yard, finding ways to get the kids outside can be hard without having them run all over your property. These backyard inflatable slides are a great way to give the kids a place to play safely outside while still allowing them to explore the environment. 

While playing, ensure they also help in gardening and participating in the games.


Create a Rock Garden with Water Features

If you have enough space, consider creating your rock garden instead of buying one comprised entirely of rocks from the store. You can make this garden with native plants and even add small water features if you have room for them outdoors. With these features, your children and family get a good reason to be in the garden.



Getting the family involved in garden games is a great way to pass time and foster a sense of togetherness, especially when life is so busy. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to see that your children are engaged and have something productive to do during their free time. 


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