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If you’re a pet owner and you notice that your cat or dog has been experiencing gastrointestinal discomfort on a regular basis, then you have likely taken him for an evaluation by a vet. Your vet may have informed you that your pet is suffering from poor digestion or related problems. While medication that your vet might prescribe may be able to improve your pet’s digestion to a certain extent, the only real way to make a permanent improvement in your beloved pet’s digestion is to completely change your cat or dog’s diet.

Why change your dog or cat’s diet?

Many pet owners fail to realize the impact that conventional dog or cat food can have on their pet’s health. Most pet owners choose to feed their cats and dogs the cheapest brand-name pet food that’s on the market, believing that it’s all healthy and of equal quality. However, all pet food is very far from being equal, and most of the well-known brands can cause a variety of ailments in your dog or cat, including allergies, food sensitivities, itching, and more.

Why is conventional pet food so bad?

Not many people take the time to read the ingredients of “Alpo,” “Gravy Train,” “Tender Vittles” and some of the other well-known and frequently purchased pet food. However, these and other traditional cat and dog food contains many ingredients that cause gastrointestinal upset, allergies, and more. High-quality protein is one of the main ingredients that your pet needs for optimal health, and while these well-known pet food brands do contain protein, the sources are usually substandard.

Another reason commercial pet food is so unhealthy is because it is often riddled with fillers that provide no nutritional value whatsoever, and many of the more sensitive cats and dogs may be reactive to the fillers themselves. What are some common pet food fillers? Derivatives of corn, meat “by-products,” wheat, rice, soy, and more. While these may appear to be healthy food items that people actually eat, most pets’ digestive systems aren’t equipped to digest grains and other fillers. So, instead of properly digesting the food, your beloved pet develops nutritional deficiencies, digestive problems, and other potentially more serious issues as a result.

How do you change your pet’s diet?

It’s easy to change your dog or cat’s diet and improve their digestion as well as their overall health, but you must start with the proper nutrition. Simply switching to another subpar commercial dog or cat food is not going to be helpful, as you need to switch to one of the more expensive all-natural pet food choices. While the initial cost may seem more like an investment because the prices are more expensive than the traditional choices you’ve been feeding your pet all along. Switching to all-natural dog or cat food actually is an investment, as you are investing in your dog’s or cat’s health, quality of life, well-being, and future.

What about the increased cost of all-natural dog and cat food?

The cost of all-natural dog and cat food is going to be surprising to you in the beginning, and you’re going to feel like you’re spending significantly more money. The fact of the matter is that you will actually be saving money by opting for all-natural and even organic food for your pets in the long run. How?

First, your pet will require less of the ultra-nutritious >all-natural pet food in order to become satisfied. Secondly, because your pet won’t be consuming food that contains byproducts and other potentially harmful fillers, Fido or Kitty will suffer from fewer ailments. This means that your vet bill will be significantly cheaper, which can save you substantial amounts of money.

What does all-natural pet food consist of?

All-natural pet food consists of high-quality ingredients like whole beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, and fish. You will also find fresh vegetables in your cat’s or dog’s new all-natural food, and other healthy ingredients like fatty acids from oils. You might even find a few carbohydrates in healthy pet food, like rice, but it’s the whole grain form, not a filler. If you find that your pet is sensitive to all grains, then there are all-natural grain-free choices available.

Where to find all-natural cat and dog food

In the beginning, you might have no idea where to purchase all-natural and organic cat and dog food, but it isn’t hard to find. More pet owners are switching to healthier pet food choices, which is causing the market to explode. As a result, more all-natural pet food brands are becoming available. You can check out your local Whole Foods stores as well as other health food stores. You can also find an abundance of different choices online. All you must do is perform an internet search for “all-natural pet food” and you should be presented with several choices to check out.

You might also find shopping online for higher quality cat and >dog food online a lot easier in stores. You will have more choices to choose from, and you might be able to find more varieties, as well. Additionally, you may be able to find some online coupon codes that will enable you to save money on Kitty’s and Fido’s new and improved food.

Once you’ve switched your kitty or pooch to all-natural pet food, you will soon notice a huge improvement in your pet’s overall health. Not only will your pet eliminate more completely and more easily, but he or she will no longer suffer from gastrointestinal upsets, food allergies, itchiness, and many other symptoms that you may not have had any idea were related to your pet’s diet. You will soon become a believer in paying more for higher-quality and nutritious food for your cat or dog, as your pet’s life and health will be so much better that you will wonder why you hadn’t discovered all-natural and organic dog and cat food much sooner.










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