Top Tips to Totally Transform Your Kitchen!

transform your kitchen



Turning your house into your dream home doesn’t have to be as difficult or time consuming as you might think.

There are plenty of quick and easy fixes that you can make to your home that can transform it in an instant. Quite often, the kitchen is the first place that most people think about renovating. This is the room and the place that the food is prepared and eaten, the place that friends and families are social and gather together. 

So, what changes could you make to your kitchen to make it the hub of your home?

Whether totally refurbishing or just updating, it will help to have some idea of what you want. Design the room using a mood board or magazine pictures. Use an online pinboard to collect images that are inspiring in terms of style, texture and colour. 

Remember too that it can be incredibly useful to get a professional kitchen designer to help you if you plan to move around any of your kitchen cabinets, sink and white goods. They will help consider those items which need to be plumbed in and so can only be situated in certain places in the room. You will also find that a professional designer can help you maximise all available space.

Once work is ready to get underway it is time to be prepared. Kitchen renovations in particular can be quite a hassle. If you are going to be without a cooker for a while, move your electric kettle, microwave and fridge to another room. Keep them where they are still easily accessible. 

Light kitchen cabinets can open up the space significantly. This will have an excellent effect on the way that you feel about the room, making it lighter, airier and more modern. If your budget does not stretch to an entirely new kitchen you can still establish a brand new look by using vinyl cabinet stickers. Change the handles and your existing kitchen cabinets will soon be adorning a whole new style completely! Respray your kitchen walls to give an all over fresh, new look. 

Once the cabinets have been taken care of it is time to turn your attention to the floor. Good quality flooring can often be garnered for less from an engineered wood flooring sale. This option will give you more bang for your buck. You will also have the advantage of durable, stylish flooring that is easy to clean too. This is a must-have for every busy kitchen.

Finally, take some time to consider the lighting. Do you want to install a trendy feature light? What about spotlights across the entire ceiling? Or consider strip lights beneath the cupboards. This option will give the whole room a more modern feel. If your kitchen is particularly large and dark you may even opt for all three!






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