10 FAQs (with answers) About Getting A Missouri Boating License


Boating is not as simple as it seems. The boating knowledge cannot be gained entirely in the first few experiences. There is so much to learn by actually practicing what you have been taught. There are boater education courses that give an inside view of boating knowledge. Boating is quite common in Missouri, US. If you want to get a boating license in Missouri, visit https://www.ilearntoboat.com/missouri/ to get your boating license online. Following are a few questions and answers people ask pertaining to boating license: 

  • If there is no adult supervision, can a teenager operate a boat?

Every state has a different policy and legal answer on who can and cannot operate a boat. However, it is advised that people younger than 17 should not operate a boat without adult supervision, and If someone is found not complying with the instructions, he/ she will be fined.

  • How can one download the marine and fishing charts of the United States?

There are multiple applications that can help you navigate while boating. GPS and physical maps are considered the best source of getting boating experience. You can also download maps from Navionics and MyTopo applications. 

  • Is there an alternative book guide for boats?

There are thousands of listings available on NADA guides. This is an expansive catalog where you can find above 100 manufacturers of boat trailers, outboard motors, personal watercraft, powerboats, and sailboats. Select the features of your choice at an economical price.

  • When does the boating certificate expire, and how do I renew them?

When you complete the boating safety education, your cards do not expire. That entirely depends on the policy of the state. In case of losing the card, you can request a new one by visiting the state’s page.

  • When should I pay for the course?

There is no such policy on course fee duration. You can pay at any time between two weeks to five years after you complete the course. Each progress is saved until you receive the boating certificate.

  • How many and what type of life jackets should I keep when I am with boating passengers?

Life jacket is a necessary accessory. You must have life jackets equivalent to the number of passengers. In addition, Missouri state requires you to wear life jackets no matter how strong swimmer you are.

  • When should one inform of an accident?

There must be no delay in informing the nearest law enforcement agency about the accident. Any missing, serious injury, or death must be reported immediately.

  • What type of identification should one carry to the boat?

It is required of the boaters to keep their permanent boating safety course certificate. Different states require different identifications.

  • Should I still get a boating certificate if I have a boat for 20 years?

Different states have different laws. As a result, boaters who were born before 1980 often do not take the course. You can check Missouri’s policy by visiting Boater Laws and Regulations. 

  • If I have been boating for 25 years, why should I get a boating safety course?

It often depends on your age according to different state policies. However, many boaters still get the certificate in order to save on insurance. Boating in other states also requires a boating certificate.









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