Male Menopause- How Men Can Deal With Aging Woes



Aging and menopause are often daunting concerns for women. Surprisingly, men also go through menopause-like hormonal changes. Andropause refers to a gradual decline in testosterone levels in men over the years. Although the phenomenon starts in the thirties, the condition becomes more pronounced after the age of fifty. Andropausal men experience symptoms such as loss of energy, increased fat tissues, depression, loss of libido, and erectile function disorder. However, it is possible to reduce the effect of aging by addressing the decline in testosterone levels. Here are some tips for men looking to deal with aging woes related to male menopause. 


Recognize the signs of andropause

Andropause may begin at different times for different individuals. Some may notice its signs in their thirties, while others may see them decades later. You must recognize the aging symptoms in the first place. These include irritability and frequent mood swings, low energy levels, episodes of insomnia, inability to focus, and a decrease in short-term memory. The fat redistribution can cause belly fat or gynecomastia, and testicular size may decrease. Some men also encounter baldness, hot flashes, and a lower bone density. It is easy to confuse these signs with lifestyle or psychological factors. But you must get medical checks to assess the testosterone levels and seek help to restore them. 


Switch your diet

A balanced diet can take you a long way in dealing with the signs of aging. Start by optimizing your calcium intake as the mineral strengthens your bones and teeth. Foods like milk, eggs, fish, sesame seeds, broccoli, and legumes are rich in calcium. Also, double up on the intake of essential fatty acids as they boost testosterone production. You can add them to your daily diet by consuming nuts, seeds, lean meat, eggs, and low-fat dairy. Another mineral that offers anti-aging benefits to men is zinc. It supports testosterone levels and balances your mood. Zinc occurs naturally in seafood, legumes, dark chocolate, nuts, and seeds. 


Try a hormone-replacement therapy

Like menopausal women, men struggling with andropause can benefit from hormone-replacement therapy as it restores the levels of testosterone despite the age-related decline. You can explore personalized doctor-directed at-home treatments to fit your busy lifestyle and get your hormones on track. The therapy relieves the signs of aging and keeps your wellness on track over the years. Get a complete assessment from a healthcare provider and let them devise the best treatment option to get you back to your youthful self. 


Stay active over the years

Physical activity is the key to good health at all stages in life, but it is crucial for men going through andropause. You can slow down the signs of aging by integrating an hour of intense physical activity into your daily routine. Exercise boosts testosterone production and stimulates the feel-good hormones as well. You end up looking young and feeling good regardless of your age. Activities like weight training and swimming are specifically beneficial as they use most of the muscles. Besides normalizing your hormones, exercise keeps weight gain in check.


Get adequate rest

While exercise does wonders to slow down male menopause, getting adequate rest is equally significant. After all, your body needs rest to recover, rejuvenate, and refuel itself. Moreover, REM sleep has a vital role in testosterone production. Sleeping also helps your skin cells to repair themselves and replace the dead ones with new cells. All you need is eight hours of restful sleep to steer clear of the effects of aging. Consider steps like cleaning your routine, maintaining good sleep hygiene, and embracing natural therapies like hot baths and herbal teas for better sleep. 


Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol has a negative impact on testosterone levels. Overindulgence can cause loss of libido and even erectile function in the long run. Moreover, alcohol leads to dehydration, weight gain, and sagging skin. The best way to avoid these signs of aging is to limit your drinks. Try to steer clear of alcohol altogether, or reduce the number of alcoholic drinks to two a day. Likewise, you must also ditch the smoking habit to retain your youth over the years. 

Besides embracing these physical measures to deal with andropause, you must go the extra mile with mental well-being. Steer clear of stress as it elevates cortisol, a hormone that lowers testosterone levels. Make conscious efforts to declutter your mind with breathing exercises and meditation exercises. Take a holistic approach to retain your youth, and avoid the symptoms of andropause as you step across middle age.







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