8 Reasons Why You Should Own a Dog


Dogs are protective, loyal, and ever happy to see you. They offer unconditional love, companionship, and entertainment. Here are a few reasons why you should own a dog.

Dogs are loyal

Loyalty is a natural behavior for dogs, as they’re social creatures who enjoy the company of other animals. Besides this being a survival mechanism, this pack mentality causes dogs to be loyal to humans. Although it’s in their nature to be faithful, you should always try to find ways to keep them happy and healthy. Go here to learn more. 

A dog will make you more social

Walking with your dog makes you more approachable and makes it easy for people to start conversations with you. They are a major contributor to incidental social interactions, promoting social relationships in neighborhoods. When people have a strong connection with pets, they feel more attached to their communities and human relationships.

They make you more active

Obesity is a significant health concern today, so it’s essential to exercise regularly. When you take your dog for walks regularly, you can vigorously or moderately exercise, keeping obesity out of your life and that of your dog. Additionally, when seniors regularly walk with their dogs, they have regular physical activity, making them more physically fit and improving their general well-being than those who stay at home.

A dog can significantly boost your mood

Spending time with your dog helps you feel relaxed and calm, increasing happiness and reducing stress. Playing with your canine friend boosts serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain. These are neurotransmitters responsible for tranquility and pleasure. Spending time with your dog whenever you’re feeling down will always elevate your mood.

Dogs help seniors with cognitive function

In long-term care, seniors suffering from mental disorders can undergo pet therapy to improve their cognitive function. It also reduces agitation and improves social interactions in elderlies with dementia. Dogs provide unconditional support and love, which is essential during tough and trying times.

They help reduce stress

Your dog friend can help ease your worries and offer comfort. Petting a dog reduces heart rates, blood pressure, relaxes tense muscles and slows breathing. Taking the time to pet your dog reduces cortisol, a stress hormone, alleviating anxiety and stress.

Dogs make you safe at home

Dogs are blessed with natural protection senses, especially when it comes to the ones they love. Since unfamiliar noises and people put dogs on alert, potential intruders can be prevented from entering your home by the sound of a barking dog. 

They are good for your heart

According to research, owning a dog and customizing a dog portrait shas been linked to reduced risk of death. Dog owners have improved responses to stress and lower blood pressure levels. The research suggested that the bond between dogs and humans alleviates stress, which is a major cause of heart problems. 


A dog isn’t just a man’s best friend. Their love and companionship know no bounds. While there are multiple reasons to own a dog, you should be able to care for them and ensure their safety, happiness, and well-being.    









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