How To Make A Small House Work For A Large Family

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Who says size determines a home? While living in a large castle may be a dream come true, tiny homes can be cozy too. A small house can bring you to a much more simplistic way of life which means less carbon footprint, less property tax, and less mortgage payment.

People with larger families, however, wonder if they can make tiny house work for them. Living in a small space with a large family presents a challenge but this challenge does not equate to impossibility.

If your family is expanding, you can get your act together, maximize your small space and transform your home into a cozy retreat. Channel your inner homemaker with the following tips:

  • Choose The Right Furniture For Your Nursery

Babies don’t require a lot of space, but they do appear to need a lot of unusually huge items. If you are an expectant mother, congratulations! The chances are you have a plethora of nursery wallpaper you would love to have. However, you must think carefully about which are the necessities.

You may look for furnishings that will fit well in your compact nursery, as well as creative solutions that will save you space. For example, you can opt for charming mod cots that can be converted into a toddler bed, allowing you to use them for many years!

Additionally, you can get rid of the typical changing table to save more space. There are numerous ways to make room for changing your baby’s clothes. You may choose a portable changing table, a multi-purpose crib, or a dresser with a changing pad.

Well, if you are into a do-it-yourself craft, why not try to transform a reach-in closet into a changing station? Remove the closet doors and replace them with a dresser or changing table outfitted with hanging racks, baskets, and bins to create a fully functional baby closet!

  • Add Some Extra Storage

In a tiny house, adequate storage must be planned for and organized. Do you have any areas of your home that feel stuffy? Or do you require a spot to store your belongings? Finding clever storage solutions will assist you in clearing the clutter and staying organized.

Consider purchasing storage boxes that can be easily installed beneath beds. These can store and retrieve unused materials such as clothing and extra blankets. You can also use your walls for storage by installing shelf dividers and wall-mounted shelves.

Customized seats that have built-in drawers are great ideas too! This is a simple method to keep your living area neat while keeping essential items close at hand.  You can start with less expensive storage ottomans or DIY benches.

Furthermore, you can make use of the top of your cupboards. Well, why not? You can place ornamental storage cubes or wicker baskets on top of those cupboards. If you want to keep stuff that you need but don’t use daily, feel free to put them in the basket.

  • Organize Your Kitchen

It can be difficult to keep a small kitchen organized. There is a finite amount of storage space, yet an endless amount of culinary stuff must be stored. Since expanding may not be an option, look for simple ways to make the most of the small kitchen you do have. A simple organization can do the trick for you!

For instance, you can rearrange your pantry and shelve your goodies like they do in supermarkets. Put the most recent boxes and containers behind the ones that are already open. Bins, labels, and clear storage containers can help you keep everything in order. Then, to make things even more organized, store all the similar foods together. For example, you can group condiments, soups, and canned goods.  This is a wall decoration that will change the simplest kitchen into full energy of beauty and uniqueness. Food theme wallpaper gives the whole kitchen a lovely and attractive look. At the first sight, it’s obvious that the designers of the kitchen wallpaper made effort to create a unique piece of art and they succeeded. 

Remember, it’s especially vital in a tiny kitchen not to allow little appliances to take up too much space. If your stove can perform the same task just as well, don’t buy an electrical one. Appliances that are used occasionally should be stored on an upper shelf. The appliances you use regularly can be stored in a readily accessible cabinet. 

  • Share A Room

If you want to downsize your home, sharing a room is unavoidable. While this feels like losing privacy, well, the good news is, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a happy existence either. Many youngsters who grew up sharing a room with their siblings can build fun times together.

If you have children and you want them to share a room, you can try the standard bunk beds, which consist of two beds piled on top of each other. You may build them to accommodate as many people as possible while yet providing enough sleeping space. You could also put their mattresses next to each other or have them share larger beds to maximize your sleeping space. Or you may try a pull-down bed that folds on your wall and give your bedroom extra space by the day.

Hard Work Can Be Rewarding

Perhaps you are yet to start organizing your tiny home. Making small house work for a large family is no easy thing but it’s rewarding. Your back may ache for decluttering all day long or you may have reached your wits’ end with the lay-outing. However, at the end of the day, you can look at your hard work and feel how cozy your home finally is.








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