Tips For Safe Holiday Travel During The Pandemic



Celebrating a safe holiday during a pandemic is no easy task, and traveling requires several extra precautions. The world is starting to celebrate holidays again, and many families are planning to take their children somewhere. The lengthy lockdown and lack of travel left many families frustrated, and they are eagerly looking forward to this long-awaited holiday travel. Follow some essential tips to make such trips safe and enjoyable without taking a huge risk.


Home testing for COVID

Use an at-home testing service to determine whether you are infected before you leave for the trip. This is essential for international travelers who are now required to provide proof of a negative COVID test before they are allowed entry to their destination country.

COVID testing San Francisco professionals test you at home and provide rapid results if you are planning to travel for holidays. They can test up to ten people at a time and provide PCR test results within 15 minutes. Drip Hydration, Lookout Health, and Cue Health are a few of the companies that provide home testing services for COVID in San Francisco. 

These services also offer various IV treatments to boost your immunity and fight off infection during travel. If you get caught up unexpectedly amidst a group of people not wearing masks or maintaining social distancing, it’s important to get tested promptly.


Visit the family

Instead of booking a cruise with thousands of other people, consider planning a lovely family holiday to minimize your chance of exposure to the virus. Visit your parents or go to the countryside to stay without much commotion and try to make the holiday more of a family gathering.

Some families may want to select a secluded spot to enjoy away from the crowds for safety purposes. Hire a villa or a family home and invite only our close friends and family to participate in gatherings.

Wherever you decide to go, ensure all the members in the group have received both doses of the vaccine, as well as tested negative for COVID. 


Stay alert and sanitized

Always use a hand sanitizer whenever you encounter a public door, table, window, or other objects. Use disinfectant sprays or wipes wherever necessary before sitting, picking up products, shopping, and in elevators. Try to maintain social distancing as much as possible by staying at an arm’s-length from other people. Try to avoid shopping in peak hours or crowded areas and explore less-visited places. 

Choose stairs instead of crowded elevators and wait until the crowd has left to exit leisurely after exiting a movie, a plane, or an event. Do not hurry to get out, as you may come into close contact with strangers and increase the risk of infection. Wash your hands often, wear a mask whenever required, and do your best to stay socially distant.


Stay away from crowds

To stay safe during the holidays, you may want to consider avoiding places that are too crowded, like pubs, bars, and nightclubs. Stay as socially distant as possible in all the queues during traveling and avoid traveling in crowded public transport where possible. Book private vehicles wherever you want to go and ensure you disinfect the vehicle doors and handles.

Limit the number of people invited for parties and other family gatherings based on the available place. Invite a few people to entertain and conduct virtual parties or Netflix parties, if possible, to involve others you cannot include physically. Inform the guests regarding the rules and regulations to follow during the event.


Follow the rules

Always follow the basic COVID rules no matter where you travel and instruct your companions to stick to the rules. This is especially important as regulations continue to change with the emergence of new variants. For this reason, it’s important to select your travel areas carefully and adhere to the local rules and regulations.

Wearing a mask, getting a vaccination, and PCR test results might not be compulsory in your area. But the country or city you are visiting might need them to allow you entry or to mingle in public areas, such as bars or restaurants. Check the local rules and regulations of your destination before you go and prepare to adhere to their rules.

Traveling, partying, and shopping during the holidays are a significant part of many people’s years, and families around the world are eager for this season to feel more ‘normal’ than 2020. Ensure you take practical safety precautions and follow the latest COVID safety guidelines to make your parties and holiday travel as safe as possible.









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