Here’s Why Coding Is So Important for the New Generation of Kids



As technology continues to evolve, everything is becoming digitized. The world is experiencing rapid transformation, and kids as young as four are having a test of the modern world. Learning in today’s schools has drastically changed from what it used to be a decade ago, and the trend is only getting better.

For many parents, ensuring that their kids learn to code is more than just preparing them for some lucrative job opportunities of the future. This has got something to do with building their kids’ characters and personalities to suit today’s technology-first world.

If your kids are interested in coding and other tech-related fields, it’s time to help them succeed. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the benefits of  coding  for the new generation of kids.


Coding Nurtures Real-World Problem Solving Skills

Learning to code takes time and effort. For your kids to effectively solve a problem using code, they must first master the art of logical thinking. Programming is all about understanding sequences and leveraging creativity and visualization to address everyday issues.

Coding also gives your kids some confidence to interact with technology. By learning to code, your kids will be exposed to logical problems from a tender age. They will not only consume technology, but they will also be part of those creating it. That way, they will see themselves as capable just as adults and other experts in the field.

Similarly, your kids’ brains will continue to develop and become more sophisticated as they grow. Here, those with some background knowledge in coding or specific programming languages will have a competitive advantage over others. They will have an easier time developing smart solutions to complex real-world problems.

With time, these kids will grow into young adults and have a solid foundation to launch tech startups and offer on-demand solutions to businesses and corporations. But for your kids to reach this far, it all begins with nurturing their interest in tech and coding. The challenge for every parent is to help their kids navigate the learning hurdles and never let that coding spirit die down.


Coding Fosters Creativity

It’s said that creativity is the mother of invention, and perhaps coding is the secret recipe to creating far-reaching solutions for today’s most pressing challenges. Teaching your kids to code will help foster creativity in different ways. First, coding encourages experimentation and evaluation, also known as learning by doing.

Unlike ordinary learning sessions where students are just taught to memorize, coding gives your kids the opportunity to put the learned skills into use. This helps strengthen the whole brain’s thinking by bringing both the left and right brain hemispheres into action.

Coding also meets students’ interests, and this is why game-based coding programs are pretty successful. Creativity is more of a mindset, and by developing that creative mindset with the help of games, kids will learn quickly and in a fun and more relatable way.

A secret to success with boosting creativity among kids is to focus on skills and the process and not necessarily the end results. This is a great way of helping them create projects that are functional and not necessarily perfect. Aiming for perfection and focusing all the attention on the finer details can kill creativity and innovation. And this is the last thing you would want for your kids.


Coding Offers Promising Career Opportunities

It’s the dream of every parent to have their kids secure fulfilling careers once they come of age. This sometimes means getting them in the direction of the more lucrative careers from as early as 6. And while this strategy doesn’t necessarily result in a 100% transition to lucrative coding jobs, it does set a foundation for promising career opportunities.

Some of the best kids’ coding classes are highly customized to help them choose what suits their interests. For instance, kids interested in robotics will go down the road of machine learning, computer vision, and imitation learning. Those who are moved by games may go down the road of software and video games development.

The best part about customizing coding for kids is that learning doesn’t have to be based on age or gender. Instead, the kids’ interests will dictate what they will pursue and build on as they grow into teens and responsible adults. When choosing coding classes for kids, you should always pay attention to the context of the learning curriculum. The best programs should be personalized to suit the kids’ needs rather than a one-size-fits-all learning program.

The Bottom Line

In the modern world, conscious parenting means having a strategy that will cater to your kids now and in the future. Availing the resources necessary to learn to code and guiding them to develop an interest in coding will go a long way in creating a bright and promising future for your loved one.  








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