Exploring STEM Subjects with Your Child


STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Maths) make up a huge portion of your child’s education and they are important for helping youngsters develop a range of key life skills. Parents can explore these subjects with their child at home to help reinforce these skills and help guarantee success in school. Read on for some tips from a senior school in Hampshire


Play Outdoors

Outdoor learning is a fantastic way to explore STEM because its an opportunity for children to learn about the world we live in, while also strengthening their fine and gross motor skills. Why not take a walk in the woods and explore the different trees, plants, bugs, and animals that you spot along the way? Plant some seeds in the garden or go rock pooling if you live near the coast. You could also consider camping, bird watching, or fishing – the possibilities are endless. 


Play Freely

Encourage your child to play freely, without and rules or structure. This will give them the opportunity to experiment and become familiar with cause and effect, which are important elements of STEM. Your child will also be faced with new challenges which will help them become better problem solvers. 


Bake a Cake

Baking or cooking is a great STEM activity because it involves elements of science, maths, and technology. Your child will become familiar with different units of measurements, and they will become better at calculating oven times. What’s more, they get to have fun in the process. 


Talk About It

STEM is all around us, if only we choose to look for it. Try and find opportunities to chat to your child about STEM related topics, such as a medical breakthrough or severe weather warnings in third world countries that have been announced on the news. Talk to your child about your car next time you’re out for a drive and ask them how much they know about an engine or the gears.  The more you talk about STEM, the more likely your child is to become interested in these topics.


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