Supporting Your Child Through Exam Period

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Exams are stressful, even for adults, and they can be quite overwhelming for school students as there’s a significant amount of pressure to perform well. During exam period, there are lots of things parents can do and bear in mind to make the experience feel less daunting for their children. I have teamed up with a private school in Somerset to share some advice. 


Ease the Pressure

Your child will probably be feeling quite anxious about performing well in their exams so that they can achieve their goals and move onto the next stage of their education with little trouble. If you put pressure on them as well by implying you will be disappointed if they don’t receive the grades you were all hoping for, they will find the experience even more consuming. With that in mind, try and ease the pressure by ensuring your child knows you will be proud of them no matter what, as long as they try their best. Don’t force them to spend every waking moment revising, because taking breaks for exercise, leisure time and socialisation is important for their mental health. 


Provide a Study Space

Your child will need somewhere quiet to carry out their revision, so make sure there is a suitable environment in your home where this can take place. This space should be free from distractions because otherwise they won’t be able to concentrate. The study space should also be well lit and decked out with a comfortable desk and chair so that your child doesn’t end up with aches and pains, or eye strain. 


Prepare a Study Schedule

Help your child feel more organised and in control by showing them how to create a study schedule. This should factor in time for areas of study that they might be struggling with, as there’s little point in them spending equal amounts of time revising a topic, they’re already great at as a topic they’re struggling with. The schedule should also include time for breaks. 






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