4 Smart Tips to Reduce Your RV Generator Usage


Dry camping is a lot of fun if you have a portable power supply. With a reliable power source like an RV generator, you can park your RV anywhere and use your electrical appliances without any problems. You can make your lovely coffee with the coffee machine and heat your leftovers with a microwave. Although choosing the best generator for your RV can be difficult, websites like https://outdoorlifecafe.com have the best RV generator buying guides. 

Once you get a suitable RV generator, you need to make sure that it does not run out of power before your camping comes to an end. It can be challenging to efficiently use your generator power, especially when you are dry camping. To help you with that, here are four smart tips to reduce your RV generator usage.

  • Park Your RV in Shade

If you are RVing in summer, you can feel a lot of outside heat. Keeping your RV cool for longer hours is a different kind of challenge in the summer. You are more likely to spend all your generator power to run the AC. Thankfully, a simple trick can marginally reduce generator usage.

Parking your RV in the shade reduces the inside temperature. When you park in the shade, you do not get direct sunlight exposure, which drastically reduces the temperature of the RV. When the RV is relatively colder in the shade than in the sun, you can reduce the AC usage, which can help you reduce the power usage of your RV generator.

  • Keep Your Fridge Cold For Longer Hours

The fridge is one of the most used electronics during camping. Although it helps keep your food fresh, the refrigerator can take up a lot of generator power. If you use your fridge more often, you may want to keep it cold for longer hours. 

The constant usage of the fridge can reduce the inside temperature, so your generator would consume a lot more energy to keep the inside cold. You can reduce your fridge usage so that the cold air stays inside the fridge. You can also put ice packs or a bag of ice in the fridge that can marginally improve the duration of the coldness of your fridge.

  • Switch to Propane Appliances

Using a lot of electronic equipment like coffee makers, microwave ovens, and other appliances put additional overhead on the generator. If you overuse these appliances, you are more likely to run out of your generator juice. Switching to propane appliances like stoves and heaters can substantially reduce the load on your generator. You will save a lot of power which you can use for the rest of your camping trip.

Although propane appliances are an excellent alternative for electronics, you need to take the necessary precautions to use them. It’s best to use such appliances outside of your RV so that you can avoid any accidental fires and gas leakage.

  • Install Solar Panels for More Energy

If you think you need a lot more energy than the generator can provide or need some more power to fulfill your needs, you can install some solar panels on the top of your RV. These panels help to charge the batteries with the help of the sun so you can reduce the usage of your generator.

There are numerous options for solar panels for RV. You can go for a complete solar RV setup or install one or two panels for an additional power supply. Nevertheless, it can help you get more energy and save a lot of money you would otherwise spend on the fuel for your generator.

Buying the best generator can be confusing, especially when there are so many options. To avoid that confusion, you can visit https://outdoorlifecafe.com and choose the best generator for your RV. Regardless of what generator you select, the correct practices can help you prolong the life and usage of your RV generator.







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