How Working in a Nursery Can Add to Your Life


Working in a nursery can be challenging, and a lot of hard-work, but the rewards that come with the job can make each day feel less like ‘work’ and more like you’re making a difference to the world. Just seeing the smiling faces of the children you’re nurturing each day can be enough to put a spring in your step – and spur you on to perhaps further develop your role in the childcare industry.

If you’re looking for a new way to fulfill your love for helping others, in a supportive and caring environment, then here’s some of the many ways working in a nursery can add to your life.



If you’re the kind of person whose happiness is amplified by the joy of others – then working in a nursery will be one of the most rewarding jobs for you. When working somewhere like Kiddi Caru, you get to watch and grow alongside zero to five-year-old’s as they discover the world through brand new eyes, reminding you what it’s like for every day to be an adventure. As you connect and learn about each child’s unique personality, you will see their development and smiles widen as you take their hand and show them the first steps into the world. Surely there’s nothing more rewarding than that!



Whilst being the guide for the newest generation, you will also get to experience new things yourself, and rediscover the world through a perspective you’ve likely long-forgotten. You could play all day as you join in with ‘tots tennis’ or watch eyes light up as the children discover football for the first time.

The things you get to experience yourself, as well as through the excitement of others, is something you will only find working in a nursery. Ignite your inner child at Forest School, and allow your creativity to run wild. From camping, to arts and crafts, to the Olympics – no day is ever the same.


Sharing what you wish you knew back then

What if I told you, you could be the person – or friend – you wish you had when you were little? You never know what’s going on behind closed doors, and for a toddler at nursery, you could be the best part of their day. Now, you have the chance to be the person that will engrain self-love, discovery and kindness into these children from an early age. You have the opportunity to share the things you wish you knew when you were younger, all whilst creating a safe space and being a mentor and friend to the people who, one day, will grow up and be the ones looking after you.


Shaping the future

Speaking of making an impact, you really do have the chance to create change and shape the future – by shaping the people of the future. Working in a nursery gives you the ability to hand over opportunities and equal experiences on a plate. You have the power to really change lives by sharing your knowledge, being a helping hand and teaching kindness. Whilst children are at their most curious and soaking up anything and everything they can – you could be a crucial part of the development of the children who will one day be the generation in charge.










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