What Is the Best Paint for a Primary Bathroom?



If you are planning a painting project, Angi (formerly Angie’s List) can help. The biggest problem is often choosing the color in the first place. Once you know what color you want, you can pick up your paint and get to work on your project. 


Warm or Cool, Light or Bold

A primary bathroom is right next to your bedroom which usually has a rich look. With your primary bathroom, you can either extend that general look or contrast it. You can choose a cool color that is soothing or a bolder color. A cool color is great for when you want your bathroom to be spa-like and relaxing. If you’re looking for some extra energy in the morning, you may want a bold color that will give you a boost. A wild color is often fun if the bathroom is small, or a soothing color may be wanted if the space is large and you will have a lot of that color to look at. 

Whether you choose cool or warm tones, choosing the exact shade is important. Use paint chip sheets from the paint store to see which colors will go well with your bathroom. You may find that a color that you like on the sheet doesn’t look as good when it’s on your walls. Or, you may find that a color you didn’t even think of looks great when it’s in your bathroom. 


Coordinating Your Color

When you want to do a painting project, you may be thinking of what the color looks like on the walls instead of how it looks in the bathroom as a whole. There will be cabinetry in the room, and that cabinetry shouldn’t clash with the new paint color. You may also have other colors, such as the flooring, to factor into your decision. 

The finish that you choose should also keep in mind the way the entire room looks. Because bathrooms become so humid, you can’t use flat or eggshell paint on them. You need to choose paint that is made for a bathroom, which means it is mold and mildew resistant. It should also wear well when exposed to steam and moisture. Getting a finish that is satin or semi-gloss is better for their ability to stand up to fungus. They are also easy to wash and look great on the walls. 

Once you have your paint color and finish decided, head over to Angi to make sure you’re ready for your painting project. Find helpful painting tips, browse a directory of professional interior painters and more at Angi.com. 








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