Get the Most of Your St. Lucia Honeymoon with These tips


St. Lucia is an Eastern Caribbean nation with a diverse and alluring landscape. It is considered an exotic honeymoon destination due to its romantic allure, iconic twin Piton peaks, and abundant rainforests.

If you are planning a St Lucia honeymoon trip, make sure you choose the best all-inclusive resorts set on stunning white-sand beaches. Given below are a few basic tips to help you make the most out of your honeymoon trip to St. Lucia

Book a Spa Session

Nothing can be as pampering as a spa for any individual. If you want to pamper your partner and show your love, book a couples spa session at any spa resort in St. Lucia. 

Chase Waterfalls

St. Lucia has some of the best waterfalls in the Caribbean. Some of the waterfalls you can visit are Piton Waterfall, Superman Waterfall, Diamond Waterfall, Sault/ Errard/ Dennery Waterfall, and Toraille Waterfall. 

Every waterfall mentioned here offers unique breathtaking views that will fill your heart with joy. These are also among the most picturesque spots on the island, so you can get that perfect picture to upload to Instagram or Facebook. 

Enjoy a Mud Bath

St. Lucia honeymoon packages include a trip to Sulphur Springs. The island has many active volcanoes, and one of the attractive features of these volcanoes is the ability to have a mud bath. 

The Sulphur Springs mud baths are famous across the world. They are specifically known for their healing properties and health benefits. A mud bath in Sulphur Springs can help detoxify your body and also help in healing sore joints and sunburns.

Taste the Local Cuisine

Good food is an essential part of every vacation, including a honeymoon trip. When you visit St. Lucia for your honeymoon, be sure to indulge in local cuisine, which is flavorful and exotic. The local cuisine is mainly inspired from French and British cuisine. 

The food preparation methods also show the influences of the long-lost Amerindians who were original inhabitants of the island. Some regional dishes you should try are Green figs and saltfish, Bouyon, Smoked herring and breadfruit, Lambi, and Black Pudding, to name a few. 

Take Boat Trips

If you like venturing into open seas and watching marine life, boat trips are the way to go. They are more adventurous, taking you to places that you would not have considered visiting. 

For example, one boat tour takes you to different waterfalls, bat caves, the sugar beach, mud baths, and many more. 

Besides having a great time on the water, a boat trip will also help you learn more about the rich history of St. Lucia Island, its culture, and its inhabitants. 

Zip Lining Through the Rainforest

A trip to a rainforest is a memorable experience. Rainforest trips give you opportunities to spot wildlife, relax, make new friends, and take lots of photos for your social media. 

St. Lucia has rainforest tours that allow you to explore the natural beauty of the rainforest from a zip line. These tours offer you an aerial view of the natural beauty, and you can have a bird’s view of the lush tropical forest below. 

Couples can board an open-air gondola and glide among the treetops and watch the stunning flora and fauna. 









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