Different Types of Desk for the Homeworker

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Homeworkers are a lucky bunch, aren’t they? Not only are they spared a sometimes tiring, time-consuming and stressful commute to their jobs, they get to choose not only what they get to wear each day but also the type of desk they work at. 

What’s the best type of desk for a homeworker though? There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration: 

  • The type of work that will be done on the desk
  • The size of the room the desk will be going in
  • The equipment to be used on the desk
  • Who will be using the desk

Of course, the homeworker’s own personal style and taste will also have a bearing on the type of material the desk is made from – e.g. wood, metal, glass, etc. 

Desks don’t have to follow the traditional four legs and a tabletop style though. There are other types of desk available that you may not have thought about. 

Take a look below for a few different types of desk for the homeworker.


Height adjustable desk

A height adjustable desk is exactly what it sounds like – a desk with a height that’s adjustable. 

You’ve probably heard of standing desks that are fixed at a height you can work at while standing, and you’ll definitely be used to a desk that’s fixed at a height that’s comfortable for sitting at. 

A height adjustable desk gives the homeworker the flexibility to either stand at their desk when they feel they’ve been sitting down for too long or to sit down when they get tired of standing up. 

Homeworkers will know all too well how easy it is to sit at their desk all day when there’s no co-workers to go and talk to, so a height adjustable desk is a great option for many. 


Treadmill desk

If you love the idea of getting some exercise in or getting your daily step count up while you work, then a treadmill desk is for you. 

You might imagine working on a treadmill desk would be distracting – after all, you’ve got a mat moving beneath you while you’re trying to work. But you’re not expected to run at 10mph on a treadmill desk, most people find walking leisurely at 1-2mph works fine for them and many users have found walking on a treadmill desk while working has increased their focus, concentration and productivity. 

Treadmill desks come as a standalone combination of a desk with a built-in treadmill, or you can mix and match and choose a desk and treadmill separately. 


Floating desk

Unfortunately, we’re not getting all sci-fi on you, so if you were imagining a floating desk meant you’d be floating in the air room to room around your house, you’re out of luck. 

A floating desk is a small desk that mounts onto the wall, freeing up all the floor space below. 

Although small, floating desks are available with shelves and cubby holes and some can even fold up against the wall when they’re not in use, saving even more space. 

A floating desk is obviously the perfect desk for those in small homes, minimalists, or students living in student accommodation. 


Writing bureau 

If you imagine yourself sitting down to write, quill pen in hand, then a writing bureau is for you. 

Although the traditional writing bureau is made from quality wood such as mahogany or oak, you probably won’t be surprised to know you can also buy a flat pack one in white (obvs) from Ikea, complete with cable tidy (not something Jane Austen had to worry about). 

So, as you can see, the homeworker doesn’t have to put up with a choice of corporate-style desk or the kitchen table. There are many different types of desks for the homeworker to choose from. 







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