The Top Workout Apps to Keep You and Your Family Fit



It can be boring working out alone. Sometimes it can be easy to lose motivation and slip out of a routine. We also all want our family members to be as fit and healthy as possible too. A great way of joining the two together is to exercise as a family. Sometimes it can be by going on walks in the park, while other options include downloading a fitness app to give you some direction and a solid plan.

 Fitness apps are proving to be incredibly popular at the moment, especially as more of us begin to discover the benefits of working out at home. Not only do they provide people with a personal trainer in the palm of their hand, but they can create fun and entertainment for the family along the way too. After all, your kids will probably find nothing funnier than seeing mum and dad struggling to do certain exercises! From dancing to yoga to stretching as a team, the options in this space are fairly comprehensive too. Of course, Joe Wicks has kept most families company in recent times, but he isn’t the only option. In fact, there are hundreds of excellent workout apps.

Most of the apps are easy to use and generally provide people with a clear structure and easy to execute exercises. The fact that these types of services can be housed on the same smartphones we use to order taxis on Uber or explore 4000 ways to win in the Epic Ape slot is quite remarkable too. Not only does it make exercising feel less daunting to some perhaps, but it means you can access fitness tips with ease whenever and wherever you are. Whether you’re in the garden or on a camping trip with friends, there are some excellent options in this space. Below is a look at some of them.


Nike Training Club App

The Nike Training Club App includes six episodes at the time of writing, with “Fitness Adventure with Brian and Bella” proving to be extremely popular with families in particular. Led by father and trainer Brian Nunez and his seven-year-old daughter Bella, the app does a remarkable job at making exercise seem fun and exciting. You don’t need any equipment either, with Brian and Bella providing 20-minute workouts for the family to enjoy together.




As well as offering fitness tips and advice, MyFitnessPal is a great way of making sure your family is eating well too. After all, there’s no point in exhausting yourself if you’re only going to eat cakes and biscuits later on that night. Ultimately, food plays an essential role in our all-round fitness and wellbeing. You can also track calories and enable yourself and the family to get the nutrition they need.


Sworkit Kids

Sworkit Kids champions shorter bursts of exercise which can be just as effective as a long session, therefore providing over 300 exercises that are targeted at children aged between 7-14. It comes with a range of workout routines that are not only fun to carry out, but they will help you and the family feel fit and healthy too.


7-Minute Workouts for Kids

A simple to use app, 7-Minute Workouts for Kids gives you the opportunity to team up with your little ones as you take on short, high-intensity interval training sessions. Don’t let the 7-minute time limit fool you either; the workouts featured in the app are more than capable of making you and the family feel the burn. HIIT-style workouts can be extremely beneficial.

Other options include Down Dog, Super Stretch, and Couch to 5k.








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